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HES Weekly Announcements 12.6.19


School on Saturday for Tracks 1, 3 and 4 7:55 a.m. – 11:55 a.m.


HES Gives Back:

Tomorrow is HES Givesback! Wear your UNITE shirt! You may still donate items.  You can donate items to any grade level.  Here is the comprehensive list of items to donate. Each grade level has chosen a specific local charity to give back to this giving season.  Kindergarten's charity is local nursing homes, first grade is goodie bags for 1st responders, 2nd grade is the Tri-Area Food Ministry, 3rd grade is the Ronald McDonald House, 4th grade is Prospect Hill Community Health Center and 5th grade is giving to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. We appreciate and thank everyone for helping and hope to see everyone tomorrow at our 5th Annual HES Givesback.



When we return to school on January 2 our Student Ambassadors (select 4th and 5th grade students) will be assisting us with carpool. We are asking that any parent utilizing carpool follow these guidelines:

  • Students exit car from the driver side to avoid crossing in front of traffic.
  • Students or ambassadors open vehicle door so driver does not have to exit car
  • ONLY dismiss students when the line of traffic stops. Do not drop off students in midway through the carpool lane.


Track Changes 20-21:

Parents/Guardians: If your family is interested in a track change for the 2020-21 school year, please complete a Track Change Request Form located in the front office. These forms will be available December 2nd through January 31st


Military Connected (Deadline for entry January 31, 2020)

The military student identifier is a required annual collection of data on military-connected students.  The data collection should be updated by form (paper or electronic) to the parent once at the beginning of each school year.  LEAs are required to enter and update the data from the forms into PowerSchool by the last day of January for the current school year.


In PowerSchool, Military data carries over from year-to-year; therefore, each school must review and update students’ Military data at the start of each school year. For example, a service member may move from an active status to a disabled veteran. When this is done, the change should be recorded in PowerSchool. This will ensure correct reporting on the NC School Report Card and all other ESSA reporting of Military student data.

Important: Please note, if a student has an existing military connection but does not return a new Military collection form for the new school year, the school should make an effort to verify that the student still has the Military connection. If nothing returns supporting the previous year’s Military connection, remove the student’s Military connection in PowerSchool.


Documentation is in this folder located in Data Managers on Wake Connect:  Military



READvolution ends today, December 6! Be sure to log all of your child’s minutes read.  All students with at least 800 minutes logged will receive 2 tickets to a Hurricane’s Hockey Game.  As a school, we exceeded the desired # of minutes read so we will be in the drawing for a fieldtrip at PNC to spend a day with the players.  Information will be forthcoming for those students that will be receiving 2 free tickets due to meeting the goal of 800 minutes.


 PTA news:

Our most sincere THANK YOU for all of your support of the Hurricane Hustle.  It was so great to see everyone come together, UNITED, to better our school.  We raised an incredible $25,300!  Way to go everyone!  Thank you to all the volunteers that committed their time and energy into making this fundraiser a success, and to the teachers and staff for your support.  We couldn’t do it without you!


Attention all parents, the clothes closet will be cleaned out this Saturday morning.  Please have your child check the closet to claim items.  All items left behind will be donated.


The Staff Appreciation Committee organized a Staff Holiday Wrapping event that took place on December 4.  Every year we offer to wrap presents for our staff (personal or school-related) to help them during this busy time.  Thank you to all the volunteers who came to wrap presents.  The next opportunity to help will be on December 17. See more info and sign up at this link: