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Carpool Procedures - Message to Parents


Dear HES Families,


Recently there have been some concerns with our morning carpool drop-off lanes. Please be reminded that due to the large number of cars, we must run two lanes of cars. We have staff on duty helping to direct carpool traffic. Cars in lane one should not pull out of the line to begin lane two, except as directed by staff. When lane one has reached its limit, staff will place a flag on the last car in lane one, and lane two will begin as directed by staff. These lanes will alternate until 8:20, when staff need to report for instructional duties. Please also be reminded that carpool traffic may increase or decrease depending on which tracks are tracked in or out. In the interest of safety for our students, staff, and families, we appreciate your cooperation in following these guidelines. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact HES administration.

919-562-6000 or use our contact form