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Principal Message Week of August 14, 2022

Good afternoon Davis Drive Elementary families,


We are a few days away from teachers returning to prepare for your children for the 22-23 school year.  We have put in new procedures for student safety so please read through arrival/dismissal procedures below. A big change will be for how walkers are dismissed. While these changes may seem cumbersome at first, I’m sure we can all agree that student safety is number one. We appreciate your help in making our arrival and dismissal as safe and orderly as possible. 

Early Release dates:


This school year WCPSS will have 5 early release days from school.  This means that students will be dismissed 2 hours early(12:15pm) on the following days: 

September 2

November 10

December 5

December 21

March 24

May 9



Morning Traffic Flow  


Morning Safety Guidelines

  • Students will be received from 7:15-7:45

  • Carpool staff will transition to instructional duties at 7:45 and parents must walk all students into the Main Office to check in after that time 

  • Students should exit vehicles on the school side 

  • Cars may only drive in a single lane and not pass around any others

  • Turning left onto Davis Drive when leaving is difficult with the morning commuter traffic and buses.  Consider turning right at that intersection and reversing direction at another location

  • Have students ready to exit cars as you pull to the unloading spots in front of the school.  They should have shoes/outerwear on and backpacks/lunchboxes ready to transition to the building

  • Students will efficiently transition to either the cafeteria for breakfast or directly to their classroom 


Afternoon Traffic Flow


Afternoon Safety Guidelines

  • Hang your Transportation Number tag from your rear view mirror

  • Students are called to the waiting area once their number is viewed by school staff in the vehicle picking them up

  • Remain in the driver’s seat while students are loading.  Staff will be present to assist students as needed

  • Once loaded, continue driving toward Collins Road without stopping

  • Cars may only drive in a single lane and not pass around any others



New Waiting Pool Locations


General Walker Safety Information

  • Students will only be permitted to walk or ride a bike home after the agreement form is signed and returned 

  • All walkers will exit through the interior door by the Waiting Pool nearest their path home

  • Students in trailers will re-enter the building at the breezeway and be escorted to the Waiting Pool nearest their path home

  • The student transportation tags of all walkers will be scanned as they leave the building 

  • K-2 walkers will only be released to responsible adults, or older DDES siblings after parental approval is given by returning the Walker Agreement form

  • 3-5 walkers will be permitted to walk without adults after being checked out through the interior Waiting Pool nearest their path home

  • Parents will line up outside of the Waiting Pool door on the right hand side of the sidewalk. Students will be released to the responsible adults who share the student’s transportation number

  • Families will immediately transition away from the building to ensure safety during the entire dismissal time 

  • Keep all children and pets with you on the sidewalk, away from transitioning students and buses

  • Communicate any transportation changes by 1:30 directly to the main office at the number listed below.  Messages sent directly to teachers may not be received in a timely manner leading to dismissal errors


Waiting Pool 1 Path

  • Parents will enter the campus from Collins Road and follow the sidewalk along the outside of the rear car loop past the K-1 playground, as indicated on the map 

  • Stay on the sidewalk at all times and line up under the overhang outside of the door, on the right hand side 

  • Leave campus on the same path, walking toward Collins Drive and remaining on the sidewalk


Waiting Pool 2 Path

  • Parents will remain on the front walkway from the Middle School side, waiting outside the door in the alcove near the art room

  • Stay on the sidewalk at all times, allowing students transitioning to buses to cross first

  • Ensure all accompanying siblings and pets remain on the sidewalk and away from buses and vans

  • Leave campus along the same path, continuing through the middle school campus without stopping

Student Check-out: 

  • If you are checking out your student from the office, please make sure to have a photo ID for our school safety protocols. Our students will only be released to the people listed on the Contact Verification Form. Please make sure to keep this form up to date.

PTA News - Week of August 15th

  1. Welcome back to Davis Drive Elementary! Get to know the PTA website. We have plans to help our school thrive in the most wonderful ways and can’t wait to have you join us! 

  2. Brand New Spirit Wear & Swag - Check out the Online Store to view new spiritwear and swag options! Online sales available for pick on 8/26 will close Sunday, August 21st at 5pm. Online sales will resume on September 12th. 

  3. Join and/or Volunteer - The PTA offers a wide range of opportunities for all families to be involved and help our school community thrive! Click here to learn more about the volunteer opportunities and registration process. 

  4. Follow us for updates and information  - The PTA website is updated weekly and is full of information and details all year long! If you have questions, please email Ashley at 

Bus Information

August 18:  SchoolMessenger sent to families reminding them that route information will be sent via SchoolMessenger and posted on the DDES website the following day

    *Be sure the school has your most current contact information to receive these

August 19:  Bus Route information will be sent via SchoolMessenger and posted 

August 26:  Here Comes the Bus app for real time information on bus routes is available 


Registering for Here Comes the Bus: 

-WCPSS code for the yellow bus is 67500 and Vendor transportation is 67501

-Enter your child’s exactly name as it appears in PowerSchool, including hyphens if needed    


Additional transportation questions can be addressed at the Transportation table at the Meet the Teacher event on August 26th or by emailing Rozanne Todd, Assistant Principal, at



Meal Prices 2022-2023












*State funding for the 22-23 SY allows CNS to provide breakfast and lunch at no cost to students eligible for reduced-price meals

  • After July 1, families must apply for Free & Reduced-Priced Meals at (or complete a paper application) and be determined eligible for benefits in order to receive meals for free or at a reduced-price rate for SY 2022-23. A new application must be completed every school year to determine that year’s eligibility status

  • Menus are posted Menus specific for each school and based on what the manager has planned to serve are available at

Prepayment Accounts  

  • Parents can create and fund individual student accounts at  Student purchases can be viewed and spending limits can be set through this portal. 


Meet the Teacher:


Meet the Teacher will take place on Friday August 26th. Due to parking constraints we have staggered the times for Meet the Teacher.  Information tables will be located in front of the Media Center and main hallways.  PTA will be there with spirit wear for sale as well as signing up to be a member of the PTA. Class lists will be posted outside the building for each session.  Kindergarten will have a time to meet the team this day (in the gym) but will not find out their individual teacher until after staggered entry (info below). 


9:00-9:45              5th and 1st grade

10:15-11:00          3rd and 4th grade

11:30-12:15:         Kindergarten and 2nd grade, ECS 1 and 2


Kindergarten Staggered Entry:


All Kindergarten students will come to school one day the week of August 29th (Mon, Tue, or Wed). Students will be individually assessed and introduced to the school. Our Kindergarten team will create class lists on Thursday. The official Meet the Teacher or Kindergarten will take place on Thursday September 1st from 3:00-4:00pm. 

Your child’s staggered entry day will be organized alphabetically by last name.

A-G: Monday August 29th

H-R: Tuesday August 30th

S-Z (and any new enrollees) Wednesday August 31st