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Davis Drive Elementary Principal's Message Week of December 20, 2020

Hello Davis Drive Elementary School families.  We wish for all of our families a wonderful holiday season.  Students are scheduled to return to school on January 4 in remote learning. Our School Board voted to move all students to remote instruction from January 4-15. This decision was made due to the impact of an increased number of COVID-19 infections in Wake County.


My Principal’s message today is to send a big thank you to our school community for the surprise parade and well-wishes this past Monday.  As the parade, posters, and decorations were being set, staff members successfully distracted me and it was a wonderful surprise.  THANK YOU for all of the recognitions and well wishes!  I received encouraging posters and a stack of post-it notes with suggestions from students on what I should do when I retire.  They were filled with many wonderful ideas such as working part-time at a fast-food restaurant, traveling the world, golfing, becoming a substitute teacher, and spending time with family.  My plan is to hold on to these ideas from students and consider the options as time allows.  I send a big thank you to our families for my personal recognition.


Thank you to all the families who donated gift cards to the Davis Drive Holiday Cheer program, your generosity makes such a difference.  Our student services team (Ms. Everson, Ms. Coucoulas-Knight, Ms. Vitiello, and Ms. Frahm) sends a big thank you to our families and to our PTA for the support. 


I know that our school community will focus on the students and school that we truly love. Our community continues to keep student success as our priority.