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Davis Drive Elementary December 13 Principal's Message

Hello Davis Drive Elementary School families this is the Weekly Principal's  Message for the week of December 13, 2020.  With it being the holiday season, we know that our students are excited.  During this coming week, families will receive confirmation of the second semester enrollment for students.  The process for screening students as they arrive at school has improved.  However, it still takes time and it is helpful if our carpool students arrive at school between 7:15 and 7:30.  Arriving before 7:30 will ensure time for the health screening and for students to be prepared for the day.  We appreciate all that you do to support our school each and every day.  Davis Drive Elementary is an amazing school because of the positive environment created by a great school community.  


On a personal note, I want to say thank you for your support for the past 12 years. Davis Drive Elementary School is a very special place and we are all dedicated to our students.    Thank you for your continued support.  While I am retiring as of January 1, I know that our school is in very good hands.   Ms. Barabara Fair will become our principal and I can assure that she is ready to understand our school and will continue to focus on supporting our school.  I assure you that our school system is responding to the current pandemic with a focus on keeping students safe.  Ms. Fair and I have communicated about our school and I know you will be in good hands.  I wish for you and your family a wonderful holiday break.  Ms. Fair has asked that I include the following:  


I am excited to start 2021 with Davis Drive Elementary! Mr. Mack has been so gracious and helpful to make sure the transition for me is as smooth as possible. I will be sending out an email soon after we return from break, via School Messenger, with information to virtual parent sessions so you and I will be able to “meet”. These sessions will be divided by grade levels so questions/answers can be more specific. In that email there will also be a link to a form that will allow you to submit questions ahead of time so I can make sure to get as many of your questions answered. Have a wonderful holiday break!  Barb Fair