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Davis Drive Elem November 22 Principal's Message


Week of November 22

Hello Davis Drive Elementary School families.  This is the Weekly Principals’ Message for the Week of November 22.  My message this week begins most importantly with a message of thanks to all of our school community for making our school a wonderful place for students.   We are a great team that works hard for our children.  We are all making adjustments to new circumstances and appreciate the patience and understanding.  


For Monday and Tuesday of this coming week instruction will be asynchronous.  Students will have assignments on Monday and Tuesday and we will take attendance.  Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday are student holidays and there will be no school for students on these days.  


On December 1, we will use School Messenger to email all parents to confirm if your child is registered for Virtual Academy or Plan B for the second semester.  From December 2 through December 9, families will be able to maintain their current plan or apply to change attendance plans for our 2nd semester.  Based on parent selections during the application process, we may need to reorganize some classrooms.  We cannot determine the impact on individual students until the process is complete.  


From our Counselors 

We are planning a Food Drive for Friday, December 4, 2020. The food drive will help support the Fuquay-Varina Food Pantry. They really need our support during the COVID pandemic. 

We will collect food in the morning as Plan B students arrive at school and again between 10:30-11:45 for families in Virtual Academy or remote learning. There will be many boxes at the front of the school building that day to collect food.   This is a one day only event as the items will be delivered to the food pantry on Friday, December 4.  


Arrival and Dismissal 

We have made changes in arrival and dismissal procedures and each day these procedures have improved.  We need your help with following the procedures daily.  For carpool arrival we have moved a waiting area to the top parking lot for students who may need additional screening.  In the mornings it will be most helpful for students to arrive at school between 7:15 and 7:35 am.  In the afternoon, we need for parents to wait in line until you are able to pull forward to pick up your child.  Do not get out of cars on Collins Road to walk to get your child.  This will only slow the process for others.  We have developed a system of displaying carpool numbers in classrooms as parents arrive at school.  It will be important to remain in line and pull forward to your child’s assigned position in the carpool line.  


Thank you to our staff, PTA, and all of our families.  We wish for you a wonderful holiday. 

Remember that Monday and Tuesday are Asynchronous Days and there is no school on Thursday and Friday.