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Davis Drive Elementary September 13 Principal's Message

We appreciate your support of our staff during this time  on online instruction.  We are working hard to ensure that students understand schedules and expectations as we adjust to online work.  Please help our students remember that the time they spend online with teachers needs to be focused on using our online resources appropriately. Beyond the online meetings, our staff is working hard to plan instruction to meet the needs of our students.  

During the next two weeks, grade levels will hold online open house sessions according to the following schedule:  




Grade Level 

Tuesday, September 15

6:00 pm

Fourth Grade

Wednesday, September 16

6:00 pm

Fifth Grade

Thursday, September 17

6:00 pm

Third Grade 

Monday, September 21

6:00 pm

Second Grade

Tuesday, September 22

5:00 pm


Wednesday, September 23

6:30 pm

First Grade 


Each grade level will communicate with families about how to join the open house sessions. There are limitations to the number of individual computers that will be able to log into the Google Meetings and it will be helpful if families can use one computer to log on to the open house sessions. Teachers will present in teams or as individuals in each session to ensure that we have plenty of space for all of our families in the meetings.  However, if families are using multiple computers to log in the meetings, the presentation may be delayed or not accessible.  


Although we are not in the building at this time, our PTA continues to support our school in many ways.  I hope that our families will join PTA and participate in community family nights that our PTA may sponsor.  The first PTA Spirit Night, will be on Wednesday, September 30 at Chipotle -  1516 Village market Place in Morrisville.  Chipotle will donate 33% of the proceeds to our PTA for online orders that are picked up.  In order for our PTA to get credit for your order, please see the PTA Newsletter that includes specific information at