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Davis Drive Elem. Principal's July 17 Update


Davis Drive Elementary School Principal’s Summer Update -- July 17, 2020


Our office staff is working this summer to plan for our upcoming school year.  Many of our plans will be guided by the thoughtful work of our central service administrators. We would love to have our children present.  We would also love for school to return to “normal” as we have known that.  However, reality is that things are changing and we must take precautions that are in the best interest of our children.  


Currently, we will open under Plan B.  This plan allows parents to consider enrolling children in the Virtual Academy.  The deadline for enrollment is Monday, July 20.  For students who do not enroll in the Virtual Academy and attend school under Plan B, students will attend school for one week and then attend remote learning for two weeks.  Remote learning will involve live instruction for about two to three hours per day and students will complete assigned work for two to three hours per day.  


While the Virtual Academy is structured similarly to the remote learning, it involves no on campus sessions.  Lessons will be conducted online with a live teacher at specific and structured times.  Specific teachers will be assigned to Virtual Academy and different specific teachers will be assigned to Plan B in-person / remote learning.  We plan for Davis Drive Elementary students to work with Davis Drive Elementary teachers.  There may be some cases where we rely on teachers from other schools to be involved in the instructional program.  However, we anticipate remote learning to be managed by Davis Drive teachers.  


During in-person learning activities, students will be in smaller groups and we will limit transitions during the school day. Special attention will be given to students maintaining social distancing, and practices to keep students safe.  Special attention will be given to cleaning throughout the school and we will monitor students and staff temperatures daily.  The first week of school for those attending in-person will be like a staggered schedule where each cohort will come on specific days during the first week of school.  After the first week, instruction will be for one week at school and two weeks with virtual learning from home.  


We know that local news is reporting that WCPSS is considering moving to plan C.  While this may be a consideration based on community input, we are planning to operate under plan B until further notice.  If the plan changes, we feel that all of our students will eventually return to in-person school and we will use components of Plan B to transition all students to school.   We feel strongly that our planning is in the best interest of our students and our school community.  Regardless of the plan (A, B, or C) that is finally decided on, families have the option to sign up for the Virtual Academy.  Information about the Virtual Academy as well as the link to register can be found at


As we return to school know that school visitation will be modified and we will need to limit visitors to our school.  Check in and Check-out procedures will be tightened up and we will ask that parents drop students off with staff at the front door rather than walking into the school building.  Volunteer activities will be limited and for the coming school year we anticipate that we will not hold events where large numbers of people are attending.  While it will be a different school experience, we assure you that we care very deeply about our children and will make every effort possible to ensure a positive experience for our students.  While we look forward to returning to school. We know that many aspects of our daily life have changed.  We will set a positive example for our students.  


We anticipate that our second yearbook orders to be delivered within a couple of weeks will notify families when they arrive.  Take care of your family and have an enjoyable weekend.