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DDE Principal's Weekly Message -- June 7


This is the DDE Weekly Principal’s Message for the Week of June 7, 2020.  It’s hard to believe that our school year is ending and we cannot have school in our building at this time.  However, we look forward to next school year and for us all to be together again.  For our fifth grade class, we know you will be successful and we encourage you to work hard and do your very best in school.  



Our school building and campus are currently closed. A few students have stopped by and requested to come in to say hello to the few staff members who are present.  It means a lot to us that students want to be in touch with us; however, we cannot allow visitors to enter the building.  In addition we have to ask that our playground equipment (including basketball courts) not be used at this time.    We do not want to appear unfriendly or unappreciative to our families, but these are school system procedures and we need to follow them.   


Please be aware that Davis Drive Elementary will not offer a summer camp program this school year.    Our building and playground will reopen in August when school starts.  These plans may change based on directions we receive from the school system  


If you have any school materials that need to be returned and you will be attending DDE in the coming school year, we ask that you keep these materials at home until you return to school.   If you are moving out our school system, we will have drop off bins / carts for materials at the front of school on June 12.    If at all possible, please keep you media center books and Chromebooks with you until next school year.  



Some families were unable to pick up student belongings during the scheduled times this past week.  If you have not picked up your child’s belongings, there will be another opportunity for  pickup belongings.  It will be from 5 pm until 6:30 pm on Tuesday, June 9.  Parents to follow afternoon carpool procedures and enter the parking lot from Collins Road.  The front gate from Davis Drive will be closed to traffic and all traffic will need to enter from Collins Road.  As you proceed to the front of the building, there will be staff members who will retrieve your child’s belongings for you.  In order to expedite the process, please print your child's last name on paper and display it in the passenger side window of your car.  


Yearbooks are again available to order online.  Originally families were able to order yearbooks through an online link in April and those  ordered in April, have been distributed or will be distributed with students’ belongings.     Strawbridge Studios will accept late orders for yearbooks until June 20.  The June 20 date is firm in order for  us to arrange an additional pick up time at school.   To order yearbooks online --  just click Here for Yearbook Orders.  Or, the use the web address  All of the yearbooks will be shipped to our school and we will arrange a pickup time in late June or early July.  


For  this week, our staff video of photos will be posted on the last official day of school -- Friday, June 12.  


I have heard from a few families who said they were not receiving text messages from the school.  In those cases, it turns out that they had accidentally opted out of the text messaging by replying “Stop” to a previous message that was sent by the school or the school system.  If this is the case, you can restore receiving messages by texting “Y” to 67587.  When I send a text message, I usually send a link to view the message.  This is because the text messages are limited by the number of characters that can be sent.  In order to view details, please click on the link.   I typically send the messages in email as well. The advantage to having text messages turned on is that you will also receive messages from the school system when school is closed due to weather or other circumstances.     During the summer months, I plan to send messages to families on a monthly basis rather than weekly and if there is a need.    


It is truly an honor and a pleasure to work at Davis Drive Elementary as the principal.  Our staff truly appreciates the support of our PTA and the school community.  Our children will impact our future and we need to instill in all of our children a sense of hope, care, and respect. I look forward to seeing our families in August.  Take care, be healthy and be safe.  Chip Mack