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Davis Drive Elem. May 17 Principal's Message

Hello Davis Drive Elementary School families.  This is the weekly message for the week of May 17, 2020.  For the photo show this week, staff is pictured with some of the foods that we enjoy  -- take a look at the video

We are working on plans for year-end procedures for families to pick up personal materials and return school materials.  So that families can think ahead, we want you to know some of our thoughts.  We will establish a return/ pick-up date in June.  Our thinking at this time is that we would like to keep the return of most school property to a minimum.  Students returning to Davis Drive Elementary will keep items such as library books at home until the fall.  For Chromebooks, the plan at this time is to have students that are returning to any Wake County School to keep the Chromebooks at home until the beginning of next school year.   As an example, fifth graders will return classroom materials and library books on the return date and hold onto Chromebooks that will be returned to the middle school.  If a student is moving out of the school system, we will arrange for Chromebooks and materials to be returned.  Students in other grade levels should plan to hold onto library books and Chromebooks until the fall.  More specific details be provided as we finalize the plans and the dates for pick-up/return.  


As much as possible, we would like for students to experience remote learning as if they were in the classroom.  At times students may need adult assistance; however, we also know that our children are capable of independent work.  Our suggestion to parents is to encourage independence when possible for assigned work.  Our teachers review submitted work and they plan additional instruction based student work and the curriculum.  We truly appreciate that our students are completing assignments on a regular schedule. We know that the assignments that are given now will be helpful as we begin school in the fall. 


As we all know our local government and the school system are developing plans in response to many factors related to school closing early this school year.  Decisions are being made beyond the school that will impact our individual decisions.  We are accustomed to planning in advance of the school year ending and the school year beginning.  At this time, much of our planning  will be in response to new information that we are receiving.  Our school district works hard to communicate information as soon as possible.  You may visit for the most recent school system updates.   We truly appreciate your understanding and your support of our school.  Take care and let us know if you have any concerns.