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Message Correction for Email Address

In the past weekend message, I mistyped the email address to send forms for students not returning to Davis Drive Elementary.  The correct address is  

See below: 

As we plan for next school year,  we need to know if families are not returning for the 2020 -2021 school year.  If you are not planning to return please complete the form Here and return it to our data manager by email at Once you open the form, you may need to click on enable editing, and save the form with a new file name before sending through email.  The form is only for families who will not return to Davis Drive Elementary and for 5th graders who will not return to their assigned middle schools.  We do not need this information if you plan to return to Davis Drive Elementary or will attend your assigned middle school.  We typically send this request home on form at the end of the school year, but with school being closed, we are requesting that families provide this information through email.