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DDE Week of March 22 Principal's Message

Hello Davis Drive Elementary School families.  This is the Weekly Principal’s Message for the Week of March 22, 2020.  We are thinking of our students, staff members, and families during this time of uncertainty.  During this time, we want our families to focus on family needs. Our school system will provide regular updates on our school website as well as the WCPSS website about the response of the school system.  You can find the most recent information at  This link may provide answers to many questions. Currently our school building is closed for students and staff.  We cannot open thje building for individuals at this time. Cleaning crews are working daily to clean the entire building and mobiles.  Please continue to balance activities to include reading and physical activities during the days away from school. 


Elementary School Resources and guidelines for online opportunities are available for families at the following website.


Field trips have been canceled for the remainder of the school year.  Once we return to school, we will notify parents of the refund process for field trips that have been canceled.  Realize that providing details will take some time as we work with vendors that were contracted to provide services for field trips.  


Once we return to school, we will need to determine modifications that may need to be made for end of year activities including classroom celebrations, promotion to middle school, and school meetings. Please know that the safety of our students will be a priority in making these decisions.  


Take care of your family.  We look forward to our students returning to school as soon as possible.