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DDE Principal's Message Week of February 9

Hello Davis Drive Elementary School families.  This is the weekly message for the week of February 9, 2020.  Due to weather conditions this past week, we had an unexpected early release on Thursday.  Our students, staff, and parents did an incredible job of adjusting to this unexpected transition.      Thank you. Most often past early releases have been related to snow and ice and our plans for all early release situations follow the same procedures.  The school system determines when school will be dismissed early based on many factors. The post important factor is student safety and the availability of buses to bring students home safely. If a student does not use the bus on a regular basis, we cannot add students to a bus route as an exception for an early release.  We were fortunate that the weather conditions were manageable during our dismissal. The timing of our dismissal provided a safer trip home for students throughout the school system. One other factor is that when school schedules change, our phones become very busy. While we try to answer phone calls, it is more likely for us to miss some incoming calls based on the high volume of calls being received.  If you do not get an answer, feel free to leave a message or call back. We will keep your children in a safe situation and patience by all contributes to a smooth transition. We anticipate that this coming week will be a regular school week. 


This week is bus driver appreciation week.  Students may consider a special thank you to our bus drivers, either verbally or in a student created card.  We appreciate that hard work that our bus drivers do each and every day.