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Davis Drive Elem -- Week of December 1

We look forward to seeing our students after our Thanksgiving break.  It is hard to believe that it is already December. Our students continue to demonstrate positive behavior as they focus on academic growth.  Looking ahead, our Fifth Grade Chorus will present a musical in the evening on December 12. Just a couple of weeks are left for rehearsals and the show will be here.   

As the seasons change, our students may suffer minor colds and allergies.  It is helpful for students to develop the healthy habit of hand washing. Students may carry and use small individual hand sanitizer, but should not share hand sanitizer with peers.  We remind parents medications cannot be given at school without a doctor’s note. Medications include cough drops and sun screen.   The required medication form is available at Form 1702 .  This form requires a physician’s signature.  We must follow the procedures required by the school system: 

School staff may administer medication to students only when the Parent and Physician Order for Medication form (Form 1702) is completed by the parent and physician and present at the school. Form 1702 is also available from the school. No medication will be given by a school official unless it is in a container dispensed by a pharmacy with the student’s name, name of medication, date prescription was filled, and directions clearly marked. A new medication form must be completed if there are changes in medication directions. Parents or guardians are responsible for monitoring medication expiration dates and replacing medication when expired.

If there is no medication on hand in the event of an emergency, the school will call 911.

An adult will need to bring the medicine along with the completed form 1702 to the school. The school cannot give medicine to your child without this form.

  • Elementary School Guidelines
    • Only emergency medications may be self-carried and administered at the elementary level.
    • Sunscreen products and insect repellent products are considered medication and must be accompanied by a completed medication form. These products should be in the original container and labeled with the student’s name. Lip balm does not require a medication form and is for self-use and self-carry.
    • An adult is responsible for transporting all medicines at the elementary school level unless the medication is an emergency medication that the child has permission to keep with them. 

Flu, Colds and Viruses

Help protect your children -- and their classmates -- when they're under the weather, so that they can return to the classroom healthy and ready to learn.

When your child is sick

The best thing you can do is to keep your children home when sick. This will help stop the spread of illness to other children and teachers. Keep them home when they show any of these symptoms:

  • fever of 100 degrees F or higher
  • nausea or vomiting
  • severe headache
  • Diarrhea
  • red, watery eyes with yellow drainage
  • undiagnosed rash

Children should stay home until they have been naturally without fever for at least 24 hours.

Please do not give children fever-reducing medication and then send them to school.


We look forward to seeing our students on Monday.