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DDE November 3 Weekly Principal's Message

Hello Davis Drive Elementary School families.  This is the Weekly Principal’s Message for the week of November 3.  


Our students enjoyed Red Ribbon Week this past week and we appreciate the donations to Fuquay-Varina Emergency Food Pantry. The generosity of our school community is meaningful for many families who are in need.   Our students seem to enjoy following the themes a wearing items related to the themes. I have heard positive feedback from students, parents, and staff about how fun it was to have a common theme.  Suggestions were to make every Friday a school spirit day where we wear Davis Drive themed clothing every Friday. With that suggestion in mind, we welcome our school community to consider all Fridays Davis Drive Elementary theme days.  Please consider wearing DDE spirit wear (t-shirts -- new or old) or simply use the The DDE colors of purple, teal, or yellow on Fridays. While there is no requirement to use this theme, it may be fun for our students to consider Fridays DDE School Spirit Days.  


The sign-in system is intended for parents to check students in and out of school.  This is a security measure that we have in place for our school. When you check in a student for late arrival or check out a student for early dismissal, we ask that parents use the system rather than students.  


Now that we have changed time for Daylight Savings Time, our morning arrival will no longer need car headlights.  It sometimes takes a few tries to reset our bells as the system is not as up-to-date as many of our electronic devices.  Please understand that the bells may be off by a minute or two as we need to manually adjust the timing of the bells. Remember that if you arrive for carpool before 7:15, we need for students to remain in cars until the bell sounds. Our staff is assigned to duties beginning at 7:15 am and are not assigned to supervise students until 7:15.  Staff members may be arriving in the parking lot just before 7:15 and may need to drive around cars that are queued for carpool arrival. If you are early and waiting in line please be sure to leave space for employees to arrive before 7:15.     


Mark your calendars for our PTA sponsored school clean-up day that will be held on Saturday, November 16.  We will welcome volunteers to help with grounds clean up. More details will be provided soon. Also, note that our Book Fair will be held the week of November 18.  


Congratulations to April Fussell, third grade teacher -- as she was recently named at WRAL Teacher of the Week.  The segment will be television on Wednesday of this coming week. Susan McDermott was selected to be featured in one of our school system’s 2019 Disability History & Awareness Month (DHAM) Feature Stories. Congratulations are in order to the Davis Drive Elementary School Teacher of the Year. Nicole Guay, second grade teacher, was selected by her pees as our nominee to the school system’s Teacher of the Year.  We appreciate the hard work and dedication by these staff members.  


We look forward to seeing our students on Monday.