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October 27 Davis Drive Elementary's Principal Message

Hello Davis Drive Elementary School families.  This is the Weekly Principal’s Message for the week of October 27.  Our students have a four day week as Friday November 1 will be a teacher workday.  Originally Thursday, October 31 was to be a workday, but has become a weather make-up day.  Remember that students should not wear costumes to school on Thursday.  


The PTA school dance was a big success -- students had fun and we celebrated PTA membership.  A big THANK YOU goes to the PTA volunteers and staff for supporting this activity. We anticipated that dismissal from the dance would be challenging.  However, it took only thirty minutes to dismiss our students after the dance. We appreciate the patience and understanding from those who picked up their children after the dance.  We want our children to have memories of fun times at school and we think this will be one of those fond memories.  

We are having a great Red Ribbon Week! Here is the update for the food drive. We have many students that have brought food donations--thank you so much! We will have pizza for the top 6 classes!


Top Classes so Far:

  1. Squiers
  2. Govert
  3. Mr. Paine
  4. Powell
  5. Jaros
  6. Mooney
  7. Potts
  8. Kitts
  9. Culver
  10. Semyck
  11. Long
  12. Monroe
  13. Fussell
  14. Sherman
  15. Guay


Monday is "We are PAWS-itively Drug-Free!" Wear an animal on your clothes or an animal print. Also, bring in a picture of your pet or a pet you would like to have! We will hang them on a mural at school. Thank you!


We are in Flu season and we remind families to take steps for prevention of illness.  Please click on the following link for suggestions and awareness of school system policies regarding student health.



Waiting Pool Information:

Our dismissal needs to be orderly each afternoon. We expect students to leave from school quickly and orderly at the end of the school day.  If students are meeting parents at the waiting pools, our expectation is for students to meet their parents and avoid playing while on campus.  Staff on duty are involved in supervising bus and carpool students and should not have to leave their assigned duties supervise students. If you are meeting students at our waiting pools, please help, by not allowing students to chase one another, run on the grassy areas, or play. We need our staff to be able to focus on student safety during dismissal and students playing tag and running near traffic areas can be distracting.  


Second grade students will go to Stewart Theatre on Tuesday of this week. 

Remember that in order to volunteer at school or to attend field trips, parents must be on the approved volunteer list.  The volunteer list is based on volunteers who have completed a volunteer application / background check on a computer at school.  We cannot allow adults who have not cleared the background check to volunteer or to attend field trips for our students. Completing the application requires the use of a school computer and should take less than ten minutes to complete.  Approval can take up to six weeks. If you wish to volunteer or attend any field trip with your child, it will be important for you to complete the application.


Remember that it is best to arrive at carpool before 7:35 each day.  Be sure to follow our carpool procedures.  Taking short cuts, or adults getting out of cars only slows the procedures for others.  If you arrive late, we need for parents to come into the office to sign students in.  We are monitoring safety for our students and the sign in procedure for late students is a part of our monitoring safety during arrival.  Also, during carpool please consider using a right turn only when exiting onto Davis DriveCars can turn around after exiting onto Davis Drive and this will certainly have a positive impact on the traffic in that area.  


Remember -- no school for students on Friday, November 1.