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Davis Drive Elem. Principal's Message Week of October 6

Hello Davis Drive Elementary School Families.  This is the weekly Principal’s Message for the Week of October 6, 2019.


Now that it is October, we will begin to notice that it is darker in the mornings at arrival time.  Be extra careful in the mornings as you drive in our carpool line. It is important to arrive at school on time.  Our teachers begin the day with a Morning Meeting which is used to start the day with being organized and being ready for learning.  Being on time sets a positive tone for learning and provides an advantage to our students. Daylight Savings Time does not end until November 3 this year and until that date, we will notice that arrival time for school occurs before full daylight.  


Wednesday, October 9 is a teacher workday and there is no school for students on Wednesday.  This year there are no early Release Days as they have been replaced with a few full teacher workdays.  These days are used for teachers to plan instruction and to participate in staff development.  


We are truly fortunate to be a part of a school where families support learning and teaching.  One area that we find helpful is for our students is becoming organized. A good place to help children with being organized may be their backpacks.  At times we find that permission forms, field trip information, and important items are misplaced in backpacks. Some of our students may add personal items that can become distracting to them as school.  Additionally when personal items are in backpacks, it becomes even more difficult for our students to find papers to return to their teachers. We suggest that parents check backpacks from time to time to ensure that important papers are not lost at the bottom of a backpack.  It is helpful for parents to assist children in sorting out items that should be left at home. There are occasions where students bring items to school for a classroom reward activity. However, it is best to limit backpack items to what is necessary for school. When children bring too many personal items from home, the items are likely to become a distraction for students, or the items are lost at school.   It is best for students to keep personal items such as toys and games at home. If a student brings a toy or game to school for an assigned activity or an activity beyond school, it is important for them to keep items in their backpacks until needed. Being well-organized now will be an important life school for our children.  


Thank you to our families for regularly following our procedures for arrival and dismissal and for checking in and out of school when you visit.  It is important for students to know how they will be dismissed from school each day. We understand that parents occasionally need to make medical appointments for children during the school day.  If this is a need, be sure to follow our check out procedures carefully. It will be helpful to email your child’s teacher with early check-out information when you know this ahead of time. When a parents arrive at school we will call their child to the office.  We do not call students to the office before a parent arrives at school. Understand that your child may be in a special, lunch, at recess, or with their class for an activity somewhere outside of their regular classroom. It will be important to arrive at school in plenty of time to get your child checked out.  In order to check out early, please arrive before 1:45. Our office staff begins to notify teachers and students of changes in transportation near 1:45 and there are many transitions that occur as we are getting ready of dismissal. If you arrive after 1:45, our front entrance is closed, there are only a few parking spaces available, and it is difficult to locate students in a timely manner.   Do not park in the bus lot to pick up students. Buses arrive in the bus lot frequently during the school day and we need the bus lot to be limited to buses only. Remember that Davis Drive Middle School should not be used as a drop off or pick up location for Davis Drive Elementary School students. When meeting your child to walk home, use the waiting pool areas rather than waiting at the front entrance.  


We had an excellent turn out for Walk and Bike to School Day.  We appreciate our PTA for organizing the event and working with the Cary Police Department to have officers patrol our walking areas during the event.  


Our PTA room parents work hard to ensure good communication with parents.  If you wish to receive this communication have not shared your email address with your child’s room parent, please do so as soon as possible.  Teachers provided room parent email address to our families. The process is for parents to email the room parents to be included on email communication list. 


We look forward to working with our children on Monday. Remember there is no school on Wednesday, October 9.