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DDE Principal's Message - Week of December 16

Hello Davis Drive Elementary School families.  This is the weekly principal’s message for the week of December 16, 2018.  This is the week before our winter break and we remind families that Friday is an Early Release Day.  We continue to have important and meaningful instructional activities at school every day.  We know that this time of year tends to be filled with many celebrations of many holidays.  We wish for all of families the best during this holiday season.  It is a time of year to celebrate our families and many traditions. 


Thank you to the many PTA volunteers who coordinated our Movie Night.  Our PTA supports our school in many ways.  We appreciate cultural arts performances, technology support, classroom volunteers, staff appreciation and curriculum support – to name a few.  This past week our PTA arranged for lunch from Neomonde Mediterranean as a staff appreciation.  Thank you to the parent volunteers who picked up the food and served our staff.  We are truly thankful for the luncheon and the support of our PTA.  THANK YOU!!


Our Fifth Grade Chorus had a wonderful performance last week.  Thank you to Ms. Clark, parents, and of course our very talented students. 


As we all know safety is a priority at our school. Parents, help us to remind students to always tell and adult they are concerned about any safety issue our school.  We want to know all safety concerns no matter how minor they may seem.  For example, a spill in the hallway can become slipping hazard and it is important for these items to be reported to the office so that we can address concerns. 


It is important for students to arrive at school on time each day.  Being on time will help students develop healthy habits for their futures.  We recommend that carpool students arrive before 7:35.  On cold and rainy days, our carpool traffic increases and we recommend that when the weather is a concern, it may be a good idea to arrive a little earlier.  When student arrive after 7:44, we need for parents to check students in at the office. The exterior doors are locked at the back carpool line at 7:42 and students should never be left at the back area after this time. 


Looking ahead, one item that we will be looking into will be snacks at school.  We know that parents often bring in treats for birthdays and we have some celebrations that provide teats for our children.  We think it may be a good idea to be thoughtful of the snacks that are sent to school.  One policy we have in place is that we do not allow homemade items brought to school as a snack for classrooms.  While we are not planning changes in our policies at this time, we want to begin with an awareness of snacks that are sent to school. 


Our personality in the news this week is our Physical Education Teacher – Karen Mickle.  While watching the recent snow storm, it brought back memories of my childhood. I grew up in Ohio with four active and athletic brothers; two older and two younger. We would stay out all day long sledding and having snowball games. It was the influence of my active family that led me to Ohio State University and my current career. I am a lifetime Ohio State fan (OH…). After graduating from Ohio State, I got married and we moved around. We lived in Ohio, Illinois, and Texas before moving to Cary, NC. My husband is a Professor at NCSU in Biology (Go Wolfpack!). We have three children (Robert, and twins Amber and Andrew). We also have two dogs.

I have been teaching Physical Education for 31 years. I am one of the original members of the staff here at DDE that opened the school in 1995. I love teaching at DDE! The Faculty, Staff, and students are top notch! My Physical Education philosophy is to provide students opportunities to be successful. It’s not about being the best athlete, but more about getting students excited about movement and skills. I believe that is how to create lifelong fitness advocates.

In my spare time I enjoy traveling, reading, exercising (Jazzercise), and spending time with my family.