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2017 Maggy Award: Best elementary school principal

What qualities constitute a hero?

Dependability. Consistency. Compassion. And a big-picture focus.

We see this year’s Maggy Award winners as just that: Community heroes. The go-to people we count on to get us through the day, and to get the job done.

They’re teachers, doctors, chefs and plumbers, shopkeepers and baristas.

In true heroic form, they’re always ready, willing and able to serve.

Nearly 11,000 of you voted for your community heroes, and we are proud to present them.

Congratulations to our winner of Cary Magazine’s 2015 Maggy Awards!

Give it up, ladies and gentlemen, for the winner of the 2017 Maggy Award!

Best elementary school principal

Rod Stanton, Cary Elementary School