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January 29, 2021


January 29, 2021


Good Morning Carpenter Families,


Hope you all enjoyed the winter snow dusting that we had yesterday. Although it didn’t last long, it sure was pretty scattered throughout the landscape! As each day of this pandemic passes, we become more and more grateful for your sacrifice, support, and unwavering support of your children’s education.


Instructional Materials: Thank you to those of you that have picked-up your child’s instructional materials for this quarter. On Tuesday, we delivered these instructional materials to the neighborhoods that are the furthest distance away from our school (Kentwood and Mobile Estates). There are about twenty bags remaining for parents to pick-up.


Inventory Return: WCPSS provided grade level specific math manipulatives in colorful pouches for each student in 1st through 5th grades. We will be collecting these back at the end of the school year so please keep up with them. Also, in the instructional bags, students received headsets and microphones for use in remote learning. These will also need to be returned to the school at the close of the 2020-2021 school year.


Report Cards: Parents will receive second quarter report cards via email tomorrow. Many students are thriving in virtual learning and are giving their all under the circumstances. However, be aware that students must demonstrate independent mastery on a standard, three times, before proficiency can be achieved. There are many instances that students could not be issued grades, in certain subjects, because they are not completing and turning in their academic tasks in Google Classroom.


Retention Letters: In February, of each year, we issue retention letters for students who are in jeopardy of being retained in their current grade level and will not be promoted to the next grade. This year, we will be issuing two types of letters but the warning of grade retention is the same for each. Students can be retained for excessive absences which may include joining morning but not afternoon Google Meets and/or not producing enough academic work to show mastery of the grade level standards. Children who are also significantly below grade level, in multiple subjects, may also be retained. Students who qualify, for special education and ESL services, are not generally good candidates for retention as they have specialized services for their mitigating circumstances.


School Board Meeting: We simply cannot imagine how challenging this time is for parents who are caring for their children during the school day or having to pay others to support remote learning with their children. The School Board will be meeting on February 2nd to discuss next steps for Plan A, Plan B, or Plan C that could be implemented as soon as February 15th. Stay tuned.


DreamBox Challenge: As you know, DreamBox is a K-8 digital math program that independent studies have found to raise student achievement and better prepare children for future success. It is an adaptive program that allows students to work, at their own pace, to achieve grade level standards. In the month of December, our students completed 11,462 lessons in DreamBox. We are challenging our students to complete 12,500 lessons in DreamBox in February. We will launch our school-wide initiative “Shoot for the Stars” on Monday, February 1st. Every Friday, we will recognize the top three classes, with the most amount of lessons completed, in Virtual Academy and Plan B. Teachers will be providing classroom incentives along the way for students. Each week, we will unveil school-wide incentives for making our “Shoot for the Stars” milestones.


Istation Challenge: As you know, Istation is a comprehensive computer-based reading program that maximizes students’ decoding, reading fluency, comprehension, and academic success. WCPSS expects all elementary students to spend 30-40 minutes a week on Istation. In December, 87% of our chameleons met the district’s expectations and completed the monthly ISIP assessments. Our goal to “Shoot for the Stars” in February is to have 90% of our students meeting WCPSS expectations. The top five classes with the highest usage will be rewarded. We will provide weekly updates on our top classes.


Diane Kent Parker Award: Each year, WCPSS schools award a deserving first year teacher the Diane Kent Parker Award for excellence in teaching. A teacher’s first year of his/her career can be overwhelming with all the programs, structures, and expectations to learn. However, Ms. Kathryn Hall makes it look easy with her energetic spirit and fun-loving nature. Her personality and flair for teaching makes school engaging and competitive for her students. Ms. Hall has become a leader at our school with her knowledge and skills with technology. She is known for being very resourceful and has provided digital training to our teachers. We congratulate her for earning Carpenter’s Diane Kent Parker Award for the 2020-2021 school year.


Free and Reduced Lunch Application: Due to the pandemic, lunch will continue to be provided free for all students through our curbside service and cafeteria pick-up when students return to the building. However, parents need to register now for free and reduced meals for next school year. In addition, Carpenter and the district could lose needed teacher positions if parents do not register their status for meal benefits. Title 1 funds, from the federal government, are provided to schools based on the percentage of students that qualify for meal benefits. Parents that need these meal benefits need to register each child by February 26th on this application.


Virtual Family Fitness Night: Coach Finch is providing an interactive family fitness event on Tuesday, February 23rd (Kindergarten through 2nd grades) and Thursday, February 25th (3rd through 5th grades) at 6:30 pm.  If you can’t attend on your child’s assigned night, do plan to come to the other fitness night. Although this is an optional event, it is so much fun that we encourage all families to participate.  Flyer.pdf


Technology: If there are any problems with any WCPSS devices or applications please feel free to call the helpdesk for support at 919-694-8100 between 7:00 am and 5:00 pm on school days.


PTA: Our PTA continues to be strong advocates for ALL our children. Have you joined the PTA? Have you connected your Amazon or grocery store account to the PTA so that they can get a donation based on your purchases? You can even text your receipts from certain businesses and the PTA will receive 5% of your purchases. Log on here to learn more. Also check out this recent PTA flyer that we accidentally omitted from the bags of instructional materials. So sorry. 


We hope everyone has a fantastic Friday and can spend quality time with your family this weekend. Thank you for staying with us through this pandemic and partnering with us in your child’s educational development.


Respectfully Submitted,


Dr. Fay Jones



Counselor Appreciation Week - February 1st – February 5th

Asynchronous Day – February 3rd

Bus Driver Appreciation Week – February 22nd – February 26th

Virtual Family Fitness Nights - February 23rd and February 25th at 6:30 pm