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August 28, 2023


To Carpenter Parents & Guardians,


We hope everyone enjoyed the beautiful weather this weekend and took some extended time with family and friends. There was an unbelievable response at our PTA Spirit night at Dairy Queen Monday night! Thank you for your attendance and continual support of our school. Our PTA earned $294 due to proceeds and it was unifying to bring the community together!


Family Fun Night

The extreme heat continues and does not seem to be letting up any time soon. As a result, our PTA has made a wise decision to reschedule our Family Fun Night. The new night is scheduled for Friday, September 29th, from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm.


Carpool Concerns

Please be alert and drive slow through our carpool area. Reading or responding to text messages while driving on campus creates distractions and dangerous situations. Last week in carpool, we had a parent crash his vehicle into my parked car that created extensive damage. We also had a parent speed up and plow through the pedestrian walk while a mother was crossing with her two children. A staff member yelled, “Watch out”, the mother screamed, and fortunately the parent slammed on his brakes. It was a near accident and we were so grateful that no one was hurt. However, it is a driver’s responsibility to watch for and stop for pedestrian traffic at the crosswalk.


Traffic Survey

It has been exciting to see all of the families that have moved into Carpenter Square over the last few months. We have requested a traffic survey from the Town of Cary to determine if we qualify for a crossing guard in this area. Our student traffic will be observed in the am and pm, for a week, to record the amount of pedestrian traffic that we have crossing the four lanes of Morrisville Parkway. We will share the results of Cary's traffic survey when it is made available to us from the Cary Police Department's Traffic Safety Team. Stay tuned!


WCPSS Multitrack Year-Round Calendar

There is a WCPSS drafted (not approved) calendar on the internet that is different from what was approved by the school board. A Google search could produce this calendar and create much confusion. Refer to the WCPSS website and our school website for clarity. Here is the approved calendar that was the same one that we shared at the beginning of the year.


Interim Principal

Nannette Lavery will become our Interim Principal on Friday, September 1st. She will remain in the position until Friday, September 15th. Her email address is but will not become active until Friday.


Permanent Principal

Principal Collins will begin as our permanent principal on Monday, September 18th. Please refrain from emailing her until her tenure starts at Carpenter Elementary. She has three full weeks that she must give her attention to the community at Reedy Creek Middle School since traditional school just started.


It has been an utter joy to serve you and this community over the last ten years. I remain eternally grateful for your trust and partnership over the years. We hope everyone has a wonderful week. It will be a bittersweet one for me!


Respectfully Submitted,


Dr. Fay Jones


Dates to Remember


September 1st = Interim Principal’s 1st Day


September 4th = Labor Day – No School


September 8th = Track 1 Tracks Out


September 11th = Track 2 Tracks In


September 18th = Principal Collins’ 1st Day


September 22nd = PTA’s Silent Auction Begins


September 22nd = PTA’s Run Club Starts – 8:15 am


September 29th = PTA’s Family Fun Night


September 29th = Track 4 Tracks Out


October 2nd = Track 1 Tracks In


October 3rd = PTA’s Spirit Night – Papa Johns


October 6th = PTA’s Silent Auction Ends


October 12th = Picture Retake Day – Tracks 1-3


October 20th = Track 3 Tracks Out


October 23rd = Track 4 Tracks In