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July 23, 2023


To All Carpenter Elementary Families,


Happy Friday. We have had an excellent week at Carpenter Elementary! Here's some school updates that we wanted to share with you:


Tracking Out

Today is Track 3's last day before track out until August 21st.


Tracking In

On Monday, July 31st we welcome Track 4 back from their short track out.


Track 4's Meet the Teacher

Track 4 families, in 1st through 5th grades, are invited to school today for an informal Meet the Teacher from 2:30 pm to 3:00 pm. This is a wonderful time to bring in your child's school supplies, show them the area their new classroom will be in and briefly meet their teacher. 


School will be in session for Tracks 1-3 so please be considerate in the hallway. Track 4 teachers will be sharing one room for today's Meet the Teacher as the second classroom for many grade levels is still being utilized by Track 3 students until the end of the school day.


Carpool parents will need to get a new carpool tag but will be the same number as last year. Our PTA Board requested that we obtain smaller carpool tags that would fit better in cars. We appreciated their suggestion!


Farewell to Mr. Lewis

Congratulations to our Track 4, 4th grade teacher, Mr. Christopher Lewis for his recent promotion. On August 1st, Mr. Lewis will transition into his new role as Assistant Principal at Mills Park Elementary. Mr. Lewis has been with Carpenter Elementary for a number of years as a 1st Grade Teacher. We thank him for his faithful service to our school over the years and wish him well in his new leadership role. Mr. Lewis' last day with us will be July 31st which is Track 4's first day of school.


Since this promotion was just approved at the school board meeting, we are canceling Mr. Lewis' Meet the Teacher today.


A certified AIG teacher from Fuller Elementary, Mrs. Jaala Smith, will begin teaching this cohort of learners on August 1st. This incredible teacher is on summer vacation from her school but is helping us out. Mrs. Smith has been an effective and successful Read to Achieve teacher with our students this summer.


As a result, Mrs. Laurie Ripperger will be transitioning from Track 1 to Track 4 on August 14th. Mrs. Ripperger is a widely popular 3rd grade teacher that specializes in creating a positive classroom climate that supports all learners. As a result of this change, there will not be a Meet the Teacher event for this class today. Mrs. Ripperger will arrange a Meet the Teacher in mid August.


WCPSS Volunteer Registration

All WCPSS parent and community volunteers are required to register through the new MyVolunteer system.  Please complete your registration on a computer at home or school. It is very difficult to complete using a mobile phone. It can take several weeks for your registration to be approved so don’t wait until field trips to try and register.  Register now so you are ready and able to volunteer in the classroom, volunteer for school events, or chaperone at any time this school year!

  1. Click the link below to start your volunteer registration:

  2. Click create new account.

  3. Complete the online form and select all the schools that you are requesting to volunteer or chaperone for the 2023-2024 school year.

  4. It will then say pending. 

  5. Soon after you will receive an email with a customized link for you to complete next steps for your background check. This link expires 10 days from the day you receive the email.  Follow the instructions in that email.  You will fill out all items in red boxes and then you will review and digitally sign four documents (Summary of Rights Under the FCRA, Disc & Auth, NC Security Freeze Notice, and WCPSS Volunteer Agreement).

  6. If you leave the CRC background site before completing your contact information, you will have to begin the process again. 

  7. You must include your social security number to register to volunteer.  If you do not have a social security number, please contact or call 919-694-8233.

  8. You will be notified by the MyVolunteer system if you are approved to volunteer!

Have a wonderful weekend.


Respectfully Submitted,


Dr. Fay Jones

Important Dates


July 28th = Meet the Teacher - Track 4 - Grades 1st - 5th - 2:30 pm


July 28th = Track 3 Tracks Out


July 31st = Track 4 Tracks In


August 10th = BOG Reading Test - 3rd Grade - Track 4


August 14th = Kindergarten Parent Breakfast - Track 4 - 9:15 am


August 18th = Track 2 Tracks Out


August 21st = Tracks 3 Tracks In


August 21st = PTA Spirit Night - Dairy Queen


August 22nd = Picture Day - Tracks 3 & 4