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May 9, 2023


Good Afternoon Parents,


Happy Tuesday! Time seems to go by so fast this time of year. I wish it would slow down so that we can savor every precious minute with your children. Read below all the excellent events happening at our school:


CARY Celebration

We are so proud of our student leaders that have led the way all year.  These Track 1 and Track 2 students exemplified all the CARY qualities which are collaborative, achieving, respectful, year-round leaders: Ethan Pirel, Ria Daswani, Anand Patel, Bhargava Peela, Rowan Smith, Neeyathi Kovi, Jackson Klaus, Meghan Keller, Myra Sharma, Chloe Trask, Sahaj Patel, Brantley Barber, Kaleb Watkins, Carson Sebbo, Charlotte Hertzberg, Joni Thornley, Badr Fayyad, Beau Tyson, Amelie Flores, Innila Akilan Nandhini, and Owen Cramer.  We commend them for being role models to others.


Teacher Appreciation

This week is National Teacher Appreciation Week. Our fabulous PTA started the week off by spoiling us with a delicious breakfast. Here is the theme for the week. 


Early Release Day

Today is the last Early Release Day of the year. School will be dismissed at 1:45 pm. Thank you for making arrangements for your children as our teachers will be working on their LETRS professional development requirements.


Tracking Out

Today is the last day for Track 2 as they track out until June 5th.


Tracking In

Welcome back to Track 3 as their first day back after track out will be tomorrow, May 10th.


Look for the Good

Thanks to the generosity of the Horton family, our chameleons are enjoying a two-week campaign called "Look for the Good". There is a massive gratitude wall in the hallway that students are posting things they are grateful for. Integrated in the character education program are kindness cards, "You Matter" letters, and gratitude spots.


PTA's Boosterthon

We were so delighted by the Boosterthon experience and the way that our school community rallied around this student fundraiser. Our students raised a total of $17,401 to be spent on student experiences in our specials' classes and beginning of the year classroom grants. There was an additional amount of $3,908.40 that was pledged through matching grants through companies such as Yahoo, IBM, Nationwide Mutual Insurance, Red Hat, Truist Bank, Starbucks, Biogen, CVS Health etc. We are so grateful as these fundraising efforts far exceeded the goal of $10,000 that was originally set!


Kindergarten Orientation

Tuesday, May 16th, we will be hosting a Kindergarten Orientation at 5:30 pm in the gym. Please come with your rising Kindergarten student to meet the teachers, see the classroom, and learn more about Kindergarten expectations. There will be a time for the future chameleons to transition into the Kindergarten classrooms with the teachers. We are one of the very few schools that include the children in our Kindergarten Orientation.


Field Days

Coach Schmidt is busy planning Track 1's Field Day on Wednesday, May 31st from 11:00 am - 1:00 pm. Tracks 2-4 will enjoy Field Day on Friday, June 23rd. Consider volunteering by signing up here. Click here to make donations of wish list items. 


Panorama Parent Survey

We have received 276 parent surveys. This WCPSS survey will only take up to 7 to minutes to complete. Take the survey by Friday, May 12th. Fill out one survey for each child that you have that attends Carpenter Elementary. The survey results will be utilized for School Improvement and Family Engagement efforts at Carpenter.  Here is the link to the survey. Ensure you click on our school before beginning the survey.



We look forward to our students demonstrating all they have learned this year by their successful completion of End of Grade Tests. Here are our dates for the EOGs:



3rd Grade Reading

   Track 1

   May 19th

  Tracks 2-4   

      June 14th

3rd Grade Math

   May 24th

      June 16th 

4th Grade Reading  

   May 23rd

     June 15th

4th Grade Math

   May 25th

      June 21st

5th Grade Reading

   May 23rd

      June 15th

5th Grade Math

   May 25th

      June 21st

5th Grade Science

   May 26th

      June 22nd


Remediation/Retesting Days

For students in grades 3-5 that do not pass their End of Grade Tests, June 5th and June 7th (Track 1 Only) will be used to remediate and retest students who have qualifying grades that were anticipated to pass.  June 29th and June 30th (Tracks 2-4) will be utilized for remediation and retesting for students who have qualifying grades that were anticipated to pass. Save these dates on your calendar and please ensure that your children can attend if they qualify and are invited to attend.


Thanks for partnering with us in your child's education.


Respectfully Submitted,


Dr. Fay Jones



May 9th = Early Release - 1:45 pm


May 9th = Track 2 Tracks Out


May 10th = Track 3 Tracks In


May 16th = Kindergarten Orientation - 5:30 pm


May 29th = Memorial Day - School not in Session


May 31st - 5th Grade Recognition Ceremony - 9:30 am


May 31st = Field Day - Track 1 - 11:00 am - 1:00 pm


June 2nd = Track 1 Tracks Out


June 5th = Track 2 Tracks In


June 5th = EOG Remediation & Retesting for Qualifying Students


June 7th = EOG Remediation & Retesting for Qualifying Students


June 19th = Teacher Workday


June 23rd = Field Day - Tracks 2-4


June 28th = 5th Grade Recognition Ceremony - 9:30 am -

Tracks 2-3


June 28th = 5th Grade Recognition Ceremony - 11:00 am - Track 4


June 29th = EOG Remediation & Retesting for Qualifying Students


June 30th = EOG Remediation & Retesting for Qualifying Students