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January 16, 2023


To All Carpenter Families,


Good evening. We trust you had a restful three-day weekend. Hopefully, your family is ready to attack the next week with a mission minded focus. Let's all work together to make this week count! Here are a few school updates:


Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Today is more than a day off, it is a time of reflection. It's a time to think about ways we can make our processes and systems more inclusive for all. The CEO of the King Center, Bernice A. King, challenges us all to remember that improvement starts with us. Know that we are working to make our school a more beloved community.


Track Change Form

The annual Track Change Request period will be open between February 1st and February 28th. During this window, there will be a Track Change Request form that will be sent to all families. Track changes will be considered for all requested families with decisions being rendered, by email, on May 1st. Approved Track Changes will be for the 2023-2024 school year. Stay tuned!


Baba Got Bars

The PTA has scheduled a performance with a dynamic musician that models using the writing process to write Hip Hop lyrics. He will be performing his songs and showing how he writes song lyrics for the entire school over the course of two days this week (Wednesday & Thursday). We are so grateful for the families that have joined and support the PTA. The PTA would not be able to afford such a high-quality cultural arts performance without the financial support of so many parents. To read more click here. Everyone is invited to join us for the performances:

  • January 18th - 1:00 pm & 2:00 pm

  • January 19th - 9:30 am & 10:30 am


Carpenter Square Crossing Guard 

We have had one family join our school from the new townhome community that is being built across from our school on Morrisville Parkway. To request a crossing guard evaluation from the Town of Cary, there would be observations during am and pm arrivals for a week. The number of children crossing each day would be averaged, and we could qualify if a "substantial" number of students was observed. However, we will not request this observation until the construction at Carpenter Square is completed. This way the full impact of the new neighborhood can be measured. For now, we recommend that our Carpenter Square families walk their children across the four lanes of Morrisville Parkway. 


Traffic Light at Carpenter Square 

The Town of Cary, not WCPSS, is the authority regarding adding traffic lights. At this time, the Town of Cary does not plan to install a traffic light at the school entrance and Moulin Rouge Drive. Our intersection is too close to Louis Stephens Road in which there is an existing traffic signal. At this time, there is not a pattern of automobile crashes at this intersection that would be correctable with a signal. The entrance to the development at Carpenter Square was specifically designed to minimize conflicts. Therefore, we recommend that residents of Carpenter Square walk their children across the four lanes of Morrisville Parkway. 


Due to the ongoing traffic, we recommend that cars exit out of our school driveway to the right toward the railroad tracks and Highway 55. Even if your residence is to the left of our school, we still recommend driving to the right for safety reasons.


Outside Food

Remember that parents/guardians can no longer bring restaurant food into the cafeteria to eat with their children. This is a WCPSS policy. Still come to school and eat lunch with your child but bring lunch from home. Parents/guardians can also check their children out from school to take them out to eat and then check them back into school after lunch. Know that Carpenter Elementary and WCPSS do not receive additional funding regardless of the amount of food that is sold in the cafeteria. 


Inclement Weather

As we approach the winter season, tune into local news stations to stay informed of inclement weather conditions. WCPSS will email parents when a decision has been made to delay school, release school early or cancel school due to weather conditions. Applicable makeup dates or times will also be communicated by the district via email. Hopefully, we will not encounter a harsh winter that necessitates many inclement weather communications.


Health Reminders

Remember to monitor your children's health and keep them home when they are sick. You DO NOT need to send proof of a negative COVID test if you merely keep your child home when he/she is sick. This is just good parenting and greatly appreciated. Parents do need to send an alternative diagnosis or proof of a negative COVID test if your child is sent home during the school day with COVID like symptoms. Individuals that test positive for COVID, must quarantine for 5 days. We have tons of free COVID kits that can be sent home with your child upon request.


We have not reported any individual with COVID in our community in the last few weeks.


Respectfully Submitted,


Dr. Fay Jones


Dates to Remember


January 18th = Track 3 Tracks Out


January 18th = Baba Got Bars - 1:00 pm & 2:00 pm


January 19th = Track 4 Tracks In


January 19th = Baba Got Bars - 9:30 am & 10:30 am


January 24th = PTA Spirit Night - Chipotle - Village Market (4-8 pm)


January 26th = Report Cards Are Sent Home - Tr. 4


January 27th = Outstanding Immunizations Due (Kindergarten)