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July 7, 2022


To All Carpenter Families,


Welcome to the 2022-2023 school year. Sorry for the delay in communication, our main system, PowerSchool goes down for maintenance every year on June 30th. It just came back online yesterday around 2:30 pm. But it takes overnight for the new students’ information to roll over.


However, we hope everyone is as excited as we are to start the new school year. The staff had an incredible CLOPENING (opening and closing the school year) season. We finished the year strong with many student accomplishments on our EOG tests and grade level assessments. There were an additional 35 students that passed their EOG tests after two days of remediation and retesting. It was a rewarding process for teachers, parents, and students. In the coming weeks, we will share our final analysis of student achievement.


Our staff theme for the year is, “The view from the top is best after the hardest CLIMB.” This was very befitting as we all felt like last year was the most challenging year in education. CLIMB stands for, “Collaborative leaders inspire meaningful belonging.” Research shows that students do better in school, stay in school longer, and have higher self-esteem when they feel like they belong. This is why our teachers start every morning with a social emotional lesson to establish and maintain community.


With heartfelt anticipation, we welcome back 1st through 5th graders on Tracks 1-3 on Thursday, July 7th and Track 4 on Friday, July 29th. Kindergarten has staggered entry but we look forward to seeing all of these students on Thursday, July 14th for Tracks 1-3 and Friday, August 5th for Track 4. Below are some essential points for the start of the school year.


Below are a few school updates:



We cannot express enough how grateful we are to Carpenter’s Parent Teacher Association. This supportive body of parent volunteers provided a welcome back brunch for the entire staff which consists of almost 90 people. They also purchased blue CLIMB shirts for our staff that we will proudly don on Fridays.


In addition, our parents sponsored a tremendous campus cleanup on one of the hottest days of the year. They collected a whole bag of trash so a big thank you to these selfless servants; Amy Munn, Stephanie Logue, Carrie Smith, Allison Colin, Parker Colin, and Sophie Bolick.


Please support your child’s learning experiences by joining the PTA by clicking here. Collectively, they can do so much more than any of us individually.


School Hours

Our bell schedule is 8:45 am to 3:45 pm. Students can arrive as early as 8:45 am but need to be in their classrooms by 9:15 am when the instructional bell rings. Students will be dismissed at 3:45 pm.


Checking Students Out Early

If your child has an unavoidable appointment, be sure to check him/her out of the office by 3:15 pm so that it does not interfere with our carpool traffic. Students must be picked up in carpool if they are not picked up prior to 3:15 pm.



Families that want to drive their children to school can easily do so in the mornings but will need a carpool number in the afternoons to pick them up. The same carpool numbers that students obtained last year will be their carpool numbers for this year. Here is the form to secure a carpool number if you are new to our school.


Remember to practice with your child getting in and out of their car seat so that the flow of carpool is not halted with you getting out of the car daily to buckle your child in.


Please refrain from having dogs in your personal vehicle during carpool. We have had a dog jump out of a car and bite one of our teachers so please keep all dogs at home. Our teacher had to seek medical treatment that involved getting staples in her leg.


Our carpool system will get quicker as students learn their carpool numbers and get used to the new system. Arrive between 3:45 pm and 4:00 pm in the afternoons to pick up your child. We have many meetings and commitments that start immediately after school.



All upcoming Kindergarten students were registered for a bus upon registration. To register for a bus, fill out this request. The most important thing to do is to inform your child’s teacher about how you want your child sent home. Unless it is in writing from a parent, we cannot change a child’s mode of transportation.


More information about our bus routes can be found here. Although there are still bus driver shortages in the district, while traditional school is out, we estimate not having trouble finding drivers.


If you would like to download an application to track the buses please click here. Our district code is 67500. In addition, Mr. Miller, our Assistant Principal will tweet out when buses leave our campus. Our tweets can be viewed on the front page of our website or on Twitter @CarpElem.


YMCA Before/After School Care 

Families that need to make before or afterschool arrangements for childcare, can contact the Taylor YMCA program to pay for this service. The YMCA does facilitate their program on our campus. Students can be dropped off as early at 7:00 am and picked up as late as 6:00 pm. Frequently asked questions and information can be accessed here.


This information provides where to go, what to know about procedures and policies, drop-off and pick-up information, program highlights, and more. Further questions can be addressed by our YMCA site coordinator – Amanda Grover at


School Meals

School meals will no longer be free for all students this year. Apply online here for reduced and free lunch as it takes several weeks to process. Just today we received paper copies of this application. You can pick up an application in the office or ask your teacher to send one home. Here is the menu for July


Regularly priced meals are $3.00 for lunch and $1.50 for breakfast. Parents may begin coming to school and having lunch with their children starting on September 1, 2022.



Families that desire to walk their children home, will need to pick up their children through the cafeteria. Parents will be given a form to fill out upon arrival. Be prepared to show your driver’s license.



Our Supply Lists are located on the front page of our website. They can also be found at this link.


Staggered Entry

Kindergarten students will only attend school one assigned day during the first five days of school. This way students can learn the Carpenter way in small groups, complete assessments, and learn to navigate directions within their new classroom communities. Your child’s teacher will provide you with your child’s assigned day.



Attached is a copy of our calendar.


Purple Days

Note that there are five days this year that are designated as Teacher Workdays for all tracks. These protected days are secured so that our staff may participate in Professional Development. These days are:

  • August 19th
  • October 10th
  • October 24th
  • April 21st
  • June 30th


Early Release Days

There are Early Release Days that are also woven into our calendar for Professional Development. LETRS is a state mandated series of modules, readings, and videos about reading that all teachers must take. NC teachers have tests and must have a passing score on the modules to continue their employment. This is a new requirement and is much like a college course for our teachers. School is dismissed at 1:45 pm on these days:


Track 1

Track 2

Track 3

Track 4

July 28

July 28

July 28

September 2

September 2

November 10

September 2

November 10

November 10

December 21

December 5

December 5

December 5

March 24

December 21

December 21

April 6

April 6

March 24

March 24

May 9

May 9

April 6

May 9



To minimize the spread of COVID-19, all students must stay home when they are sick. Notify your child’s teacher immediately upon being diagnosed with COVID-19. Students must stay home the first five days of the diagnosis and then may return to school wearing a mask the 6th through 10th day. You can learn more about when to return here.


Health Assessments

State Law requires all students be up to date on mandated immunizations. Students have 30 days to produce these immunization documents. Most school age children already have these immunizations on file. It is our Kindergarten students that must provide these documents to remain in school.  


Let your child’s teacher and the nurse know if your child has allergies, chronic health conditions or other special needs. Contact Tammy Hudson, our School Nurse, at with questions regarding health.


Technology Devices

All Kindergarten students will be given a new Chromebook to use at school. Chromebooks for Kindergarten students will be kept at school this year.


With your help, this year is going to be fantastic! As always, let us know what we can do to help your family transition to a wonderful school year.


Respectfully Submitted,


Dr. Fay Jones