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September 7, 2021


Good Afternoon Carpenter Families,


Hope you had the opportunity to rest and relax after the three day weekend. I wanted to take this time to share a few school updates with you:


*PTA Spirit Night: Tonight there will be a Spirit Night at Alpaca Restaurant. A portion of the proceeds (15%) will go to our PTA when you mention that you are with Carpenter Elementary. Thanks in advance for your participation by ordering take out from 2:00 pm to 7:00 pm. The location is 9575 Chapel Hill Road in Morrisville.


*Staffing Shortages: We are not immune to staffing shortages just like community businesses are encountering. This year, was the first time in my 22 years as an administrator that we opened the school year with three teaching vacancies. After the school year started, we incurred two more teaching vacancies. We only received two resumes for the last teaching job we posted. Please be good to your teachers as if they leave, we likely will not be able to replace them.


Our biggest need right now is for substitute teachers. There are plenty of substitute teachers in the district but most are not picking up jobs during this pandemic. Substitute teachers earn $80 a day and certified substitute teachers earn $103 a day. If you would like to help please consider becoming a substitute teacher. Read more about it here. Our Assistant Principal, Mr. Miller, and myself alternate substitute teaching daily so please be patient if we are slower to respond to emails than we normally would.


*Lunch Change: We have adjusted our cafeteria seating arrangement so that all students are facing forwards. Although we have had a few isolated cases of COVID-19, we have not had any spread of the virus at school. We will continue to monitor our numbers and adjust accordingly when needed.


*Cafeteria Menu Options: Child Nutrition Services continues to offer free breakfast and lunch this year. However, nationwide food shortages and scarcity of supplies makes it challenging to deliver items on the published menu. Staffing shortages also impact what the child nutrition team can make on a daily basis. We appreciate your patience as the menu variety may be limited as CNS works to overcome these challenges.


Menus will no longer be posted on the district website as a PDF. Menus will now be on the interactive website, MealViewer.


Manager’s Choice is usually listed towards the beginning of an extended school vacation, end of the month, or track out period. Manager’s Choice is likely a combination of whatever is left in the freezer. There can be different menu items for different grade levels on these days.


*WCPSS Applications Outside the United States: To reduce the possibility of cyber attacks, WCPSS applications and tools can only be accessed while in the United States. This means that Virtual Academy students cannot log on while visiting another country.


*PTA Boosterthon Corporate Sponsors: Many thanks to the following companies for providing matching donations during Boosterthon when one of their employees (and one of our parents) donated to the PTA: Itron, Alight Solutions, Lexis Nexis, Biogen, and UHG. We so appreciate the support and generosity of our families! Although this PTA fundraiser occurred in the spring, the PTA is still receiving these matching donations from companies.


*Carpool: We have been in school for several months now and have provided much grace to new families. However, we need to reign in expectations for AM and PM carpool to make it safer for all students. Please adhere to the following expectations:


AM Carpool Expectations 

  • Stay in your vehicle. Please don’t leave your car unattended in the carpool lane.
  • Use a parking spot if you need to walk and see school personnel at the front door.
  • Ensure your vehicle is pet free.


PM Carpool Expectations 

  • Don’t pass cars in the carpool lane as it makes it a very dangerous situation.
  • Children need to get in and out of the vehicle on the passenger side of the vehicle.
  • Stay in your vehicle.


*News: A special shout out to Mrs. Tucker and her class for their representation when WCPSS hosted many news outlets on campus recently. In case you missed them, here are some of our favorite news reports: WRALCBS, and ABC.


*Health Guidelines: Please keep your child home if he/she is sick, has symptoms of COVID-19, has been ordered or advised to quarantine by the health department or other healthcare provider, or has been exposed to COVID-19. Click here to learn more about when your child can return to school. When you need to provide a PCR test or alternative diagnosis from a physician, please email a copy or screenshot to your child’s teacher AND to


Respectfully Submitted,


Dr. Fay Jones




September 10th = Track 1 Tracks Out


September 13th = Track 2 Tracks In


September 22nd = National Theater for Children's Virtual Play on Energy Conservation


September 30th = Track 4 Tracks Out


October 1st = Teacher Workday


October 4th = Track 1 Tracks In