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January 20, 2021


To All Carpenter Parents and Guardians,


We trust that you all had a restful holiday and enjoyable track-out. We can’t thank you enough for all of your kindness with cards and gifts that were given to us before winter break. It is amazing, that due to your generosity, we have teachers with large, mounted dry erase boards in their homes! Your words of affirmation really did melt some hearts and make a difference with our teachers. Believe me when I say that you sharing and partnering with us in your children’s education is the greatest gift you could give.


Plan C: As you know, the WCPSS Board of Education extended virtual learning for all students through at least February 12th. The Board of Education will decide by February 9th whether to continue virtual learning in Plan C or to transition to Plan A or Plan B beginning on February 15th.


Schedule: When school resumes on January 25th, all students will be learning virtually. All classes will continue learning on our beginning of the year virtual schedule. Children that transitioned from Virtual Academy into Plan A/B (face-to-face) instructional programs will begin the third quarter with their new teachers. This way, when the Board of Education determines it is safe for students to return to the school building, they will know the students and teacher. (schedule)


Asynchronous/Remote Learning Days: There will be days that no live instruction online and no face-to-face instruction in the building will be given. These asynchronous/remote days include February 3rd, February 24th, March 17th, March 29th, March 30th, May 5th, and May 26th. All of these days are recorded on our calendar on our school website.


Calendar: To provide more of a break between school years, our school calendar was adjusted by the Board of Education. Our school year now ends on June 21st. To make this adjustment, our April student track-out time was shortened. Students now will begin their track-out vacation on March 31st and return on April 14th.


At this point, we do not know if we will open as a multi-track year-round school or a Track 4 school in July. Therefore, we will be shifting our track request window until later in the Spring. We can normally grant 98% of the track requests from current families.


Fireside Readings: Under the leadership of Mrs. Grimes and Mrs. Cansler, our Community Outreach team, put together some “Fireside Readings.” Click on the link below to listen to some of our favorite teachers reading stories aloud. The link contains 31 read alouds and can also be accessed on the front page of our website. (fireside readings)


Instructional Supplies’ Pick-Up: Come this Friday, January 22nd, to pick-up instructional materials for Quarter 3. Kindergarten and 1st grade families can come between 9:00 am and 10:00 am. 2nd and 3rd grade families can arrive between noon and 1:00 pm. 4th and 5th grade families can come between 1:00 pm and 2:00 pm. Many of you have more than one child so just come at the best time for you and we will gather all your children’s instructional materials. It would help so much to have your children’s names and teachers posted on a piece of paper showing through the car window when you arrive. Instructional materials can be picked-up through the bus loop area.


Picture Day: Picture Day was scheduled for January 29th for Virtual Academy students that wanted to take advantage of this opportunity. Now that our district is in full remote learning mode, we will need to cancel this Picture Day. We will reschedule for a later date.


IOWA and Cognitive Abilities Tests: Typically the Iowa Test of Basic Skills and the Cognitive Abilities Test is administered to our 3rd grade students for placement identification in the Academically Gifted program. However, the testing has been postponed, this year, since not all students can be tested within the school building. This means that students will be tested for AIG services in 3rd and 4th grade next year.  


BOG Test: Annually, our 3rd graders take a beginning of grade test called the BOG in reading. It is essentially an end of grade test given earlier in the year. It helps determine which students need more support in reading. Due to the delayed start to our year, our face to face students already took this test. However, Virtual Academy students can take this test on February 24th. This is an asynchronous day and the district would provide bus transportation. Virtual Academy families that want to opt out of this test can. 3rd grade families will get a separate letter about this opportunity.


CARY Challenge Club: The CARY Challenge Club set a goal of students being active for 20 minutes a day and recording their exercise in the PE Google Classroom. There were 133 students that participated for a total of 1,589 active days and over 31,500 active minutes. Congratulations to the top students in their grades; Schuyler Pugh, Evan Campbell, Ellie Bargholz, Mackenzie Stewart, Javian Burgher, and Khushi Ramachandra. The top three classes in the school were Mr. Lewis’ class, Ms. Hall’s class, and Mrs. Dale’s class. Top grade level was 2nd grade. The top overall students were Kushi Ramachandra, Evan Campbell, and Cassie and Ellie Bargholz tied. We are so proud of our students and their accomplishments.


Virtual Book Fair: Thank you to everyone that supported the virtual Book Fair this year. Due to your support, we received $316.14 to use in our library to purchase new books.


Talking Points: Our homeroom teachers will be implementing a new communication tool called Talking Points which is purchased and supported by WCPSS. This program gives parents the option to select the language they would like the communication translated into. When telephone numbers change, it is important to update your child’s teacher and the front office. Our Data Manager, Mrs. Jamison, can update parent information in Powerschools. Talking Points draws parent contact information directly from Powerschools. Teachers will no longer be using Remind and other apps to send communications to parents.


Have a good rest of the week. We look forward to seeing your children online on Monday.


Respectfully Submitted,


Dr. Fay Jones




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