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Wildcat Superstars Demember, 2022

Thursday, 12/1/22:  Fernando Jimenez Santos

According to Mr. Somma, Fernando has consistently made good choices in class.  He has a positive attitue and works hard each day.  He is helpful to other students when working in teams. 


Friday, 12/2:  Ryan Luc

According to Mr. Somma, Ryan has shown tremendous improvement in class.  He makes good choices and works hard.  He asks great questions that show he wants to learn more than what is being taught.  


Monday, 12/5:  Bianca Perez Gonzalez

According to Ms. Williamson and Bianca is always 100% focused during Math.  She completes exceptional projects I often use as examples for students in all classes, and consistently asks questions and spends extra time to do her very best.  I would like to clone her!


Tuesday, December 6:  Adrianna Lewis

According to Ms. Earls, Adrianna is a Wildcat Superstar because she works hard every day in class to complete quality work.  Her drawings and illustrations of certain scientific concepts are outstanding with lots of detail.  Adrianna always volunteers to help set up and clean up for the labs we do in class.  Way to Adrianna.  I appreciate you.  


Wednesday, December 7:  Estrella Abarca-Dorantes. 

According to Ms. McDuffie, Estrella enters and exits class with positivity and politeness.  She is thoughtful and draws clear connections in her thinking.  When questions are posed in class, Estrella carefully considers what is being asked and follows up with a thoughtful response or with a question if needed.  It's a pleasure to have Estrella in class and I'm sure her natural curiosity will take her far!


Thursday, December 8:  Atticus Guthrie

According to Ms. Earls, I am very proud of Atticus for showing integrity.  He accidently damaged something during an experiment in class but took full responsibility by taking initiative to let me know right away what had happened.  Way to go Atticus.  I respect you for being honest at all times.  Thanks you for being a great student with great character.  


Friday, December 9:  Mrs. Kleimeyer’s Lake Time:  Aaliyah Alderson, Ashley Bautista-Ayala, Li’Yana Bergery, Parker Calcutt, Moriah Carr, Kam Harrington, Jose Hernandez-Acosta, Fernando Jimenez Santos, Karim Nickson, Reagan Kelley, McKenzie Mangum, Johan Martell-Gomez, Kobe Plato, Myia See.  


My LAKE time is filled with so many superstars, I could not choose just one. They work hard every morning. I am especially impressed with their focus on the last STAR math check in. I am so happy I get to start my morning with them!


Monday, December 12:   Shermiah Winston

According to Ms. Earls, I am very proud of Shermiah who took ownership of her own learning and spent time over the weekend reworking an assignment. Her hard work and perseverance showed me that she cares and that she is willing to put forth effort to do well. Way to go Shermiah!


Tuesday, December 13:  Stacey Shryshykova

According to Ms. McDuffie, Stacy is a student I can count on daily for thoughtful contributions to class discussion. She is knowledgeable about many international issues and brings a unique world perspective to our class. I admire her aptitude, adaptability, and stoicism. These attributes make her a dynamic individual with so much to offer!


Wednesday, December 14:  Zeke Law

According to Ms. Schroeder, Zeke always has a warm greeting and a smile when you see him. He always wants to know how he can help out whether we are at lunch or in the ELA classroom. His love of sharing stories, along with his willingness to help his teachers and fellow classmates is not going unnoticed and is something that is very much appreciated. In ELA he works hard, is engaged in class by asking questions and asking if he can find something that relates to the subject to share with the class. I am always excited to have him in class and to hear the stories he has next for us. Thank you Ezekial for being a Wildcat Superstar!


Thursday, December 15:  James Mickert

According to Ms. Somma, James is a super star in social studies. He is a hard worker, who always puts forth his best effort. He provides valuable and thoughtful contributions to class discussions. Best of all, he makes an effort to include everyone and share his knowledge with others.


Monday, December 19:  Seanelle Adigave

According to Mr. Somma, Seanelle has a great attitude. She works hard and leads by example. She is able to work well with all of her peers and is a joy to teach.


Tuesday, December 20:  Juliana Sanchez-Lopez

According to Ms. Morrissette, Juliana always comes into class with a big smile on her face.  She is always willing to participate during Lake Time and class.  I can always count on Juliana to help out around the class and with other students.  Juliana is a joy to teach! 


Wednesday, December 21:  Da’marion Whitaker

Da’marion is hilarious and always making others laugh and smile.  He has such a positive attitude and is always encouraging others to do their best.  He works hard and is very respectful!  He is a joy to teach!