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Wildcat Superstars October-November, 2022

Tuesday, October 25th:  Kylie Glibowski.  Mr. Willard says that Kylie is a model student.  She attends class everyday.  She is always on point with her classwork and making sure everything is turned in on time.  She is a student athlete.  She participates in class and always gives insightful commentary on her answers.  

Wednesday, October 26th:  Ellie Dunston.  Ms. Somma says that Ellie works extremely hard in social studies class.  She advocates for herself and asks clarifying questions when she needs support.  Her work is always top quality.  Ellie is friendly to everyone and is a positive contributor to her group.  

Thursday, October 27:  Jose Rodriguez Manzano.  According to Ms. Fulton, Jose was absent when the class began a project.  He came back the next day and worked diligently for the entire period to catch up.  He did an amazing job on his project.    

Friday, October 28th:  Kaleigh Martin.  Ms. Morrissette says that Kaleigh is always going above and beyond in math.  She has turned in all of her assignments, participates every day in class and is always willing to help others.  Kaleigh is a superstar and is a joy to teach!

Monday, October 31:  Emily Pirhalla.  Ms. Boyett says Emily is a leader in our school.  Inspired by a book she's reading, she is working together with teachers to begin a pen pal program!  Her passion for learning and connecting with others makes our school a better place to learn.

Tuesday, November 1:  Evie Oakley.  Mr. Potoka says that Evie works very hard in class and wants to do her absolute best.  She is eager to be helpful and not afraid to ask me to check her work before she turns it in.  She is a model student and a joy to have in class. 

Mr. George says that Evie always brings her positive attitude and joy to class.  She continually scores well on all of her writing and is willing to help others when she finishes her own work.  She is definitely a Wildcat Superstar.    

Wednesday, November 2:  Ivanna Odarba.  Ms .Boyett says that Ivanna is a superstar because she is kind, conscientious, and hardworking.  She strives for excellence in every assignment, treats others with kindness and respect, and is always happy to help her peers.  

Thursday, November 3:  Bianca Perez Hernandez.  Ms. Jennings says that Biance is a Super Star because she always comes to class with a positive attitude and a growth mindset.  She gives every assignment 100% effort and takes a lot of pride in her work.  When asked to share one of her best character traits, she replied DETERMINED.  Her hard work has paid off when she earned a 100% for Quarter 1.  Way to go Bianca!

Friday, 11/4:  Dasaney Evans.  Ms. Fulton says that Dasaney come to LAKE time with a positive attitude.  Even though it is early in the morning, she actively participates in the SEL lessons, asks thought-provoking questions, and helps the class run smoothly.  Way to go Dasaney!

Monday, November 7:  Jaxon Duren.  According to Ms. Blackwelder, Jaxon comes in with a great attitude every morning.  He participates in classroom activities.  In ELA, Jaxon has been asking questions and discovering what words mean.  Jaxon shows kindness to others and says hello to others he meets in the hall.  Way to go, Jaxon!

Wednesday, 11/9/22:  Aiden Snavely.  Ms. Earls says that she is very impressed with Aiden.  When he was absent from school, he came to school the next day with all of his work completed and even shared the answers in the class discussion.  I love that he took the time to read the daily agenda and take ownership of his own learning.  Wow!  Way to go, Aiden!

Thursday, 11/10:  Briana Bledsoe.  Ms. Williamson said Briana is comfortable in the skin she is in.  She is confident, funny, organized, and helpful to both teachers and her peers.  Way to go, Briana!

Monday, 11/14:  Jacob Braxton.  According to Ms. Blackwelder, Jacob shows kindness to all of his classmates.  He is a super tech master and runs our morning meeting.  Jacob works hard and participates in all of his Core classes without hesitation.  

Tuesday, November 15:  Nathalie Cardenas.  According to Ms. Clark, Nathalie always comes to class with a positive attitude and TONS of questions.  She perseveres when faced with a challenge and is the first one to help others when presented with the opportunity.  

Wednesday, November 16:  Vic Surresh.  According to Ms. Brooks, Vic was brand new from West Cary Middle, was immediately outgoing and pleasant to others and making new friendships on day one.  Also working hard to get up to speed in science, volunteering answers, asking questions in class.  I won the lottery with this new student!

Thursday, November 17:  Chloe Smith.  According to Ms. Riley, Chloe is fantastic.  Not only is she adept in ELA and an avid participant in discussions, but she helps new students become acclimated making them comfortable and ensuring for weeks after that the student is thriving.  She is a true leader.  

Friday, November 18:  Caleb Hymel.  According to Ms. Bozman and Ms. Moore, Caleb was observed being so kind to another student that needed help in the hallway.  Caleb is always extremely respectful and polite with other students and staff.  

Monday, November 21:  Alexis Castro Olivo:  Ms. Somma says that Alexis has had a fantastic start to the second quarter in Social Studies.  He is actively engaged in all class activities.  He raises his hand to participate in whole class discussions and is a leader when collaborating in small groups.  Keep up the great work, Alexis!

Tuesday, November 22:  Zeke Freeman:  Ms. Clark says that Zeke always comes to class prepared and with a positive attitude.  He is the first one to volunteer to help his fellow students when they need it and he always helps keep the classroom tidy by pushing in all of the chairs at the end of class.    

Monday, November 28:  Lina Belmaizi.  According to Ms. Somma, Lina is a superstar in Lake Time and Social Studies.  She always has a smile and a friendly conversation to share.  She is conscientious about her classwork as well, always putting forth her best effort.  Lina is willing to help students and teachers in whatever way she can.  

Tuesday, November 29:  McKinley Ketchabaw.  According to Ms. Somma, McKinley is a Social Studies superstar.  She works diligently on independent assignments and is actively engaged in group activities.  She is always willing to help students and teachers, even without being asked.  McKinley advocates for herself and puts forth her best effort at all times.  

Wednesday, November 30:  Arianna Williamson.  According to Mr. Cortes, Arianna is highly dedicated and self-motivated in learning Spanish.  Que viva Arianna!