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Wildcat Superstars September 2022!

Superstar Friday, September 16, 2022 is Elijah High!  Ms. Brooks recognized Elijah for earning a 99 on the first Star Math Assessment.  Way to go Elijah!

Superstar Monday, September 19, 2022 is Destiny Alston!  Ms. Fulton recognized Destiny for putting in 100% effort every day, asking questions, and always completing her work in a timely manner.  Way to go Destiny!

Superstar Tuesday, September 20, 2022 is Samson Pacifici!  Ms. Earls says that Samson is a Superstar because after she played one of her favorite songs in class, Samson went home, learned the intro, and made a YouTube video so the students could watch!  Way to go Samson!

Superstar Wednesday, September 21 is Estefani Perez-Macedo!  Mr. Somma says Estefani is a hard-working student and a positive leader in the classroom.  She goes out of her way to help other students and is a joy to teach!

Superstar Thursday, September 22 is Darius Allwood!  Ms. Somma says that Darius is a great collaborator.  He is a leader in group settings and an active participant in class discussions.  Darius puts forth his best effort in all of his social studies assignments.  Way to go Darius!

Superstar Friday, September 23 is Caleb Braxton!  Ms. Blackwelder says Caleb volunteers as their class tech master every day to run the computer.  He has an excellent attitude about everything he does.  Caleb greets others even if he does not know them.  Way to go Caleb!

Monday, 9/26:  Darren Madrid:  Ms. Grove says that Darren has been a Math Superstar this week!  He's been asking questions to gain clarification and explaining concepts to his classmates!  He works hard in class and greets me every day with a smile!

Tuesday, September 27:  Da'Nelle Meeks:  Ms. Fulton says that Da'Nelle set a goal for her Math quiz.  Not only did she meet her goal, but she surpassed her goal and earned the highest grade in the class!

Wednesday, September 28:  Bryan Utley:  Ms. Bozman says that Bryan is always polite and friendly when I see him in the hallways!  He is one of the most respectful kids I have ever met.  I hope he continues to work hard all year!  He is doing great!

Thursday, September 29:  Jazzlyn Eure:  Ms. Earls says Jazzlyn has a fantastic attitude and a growth mindset.  She always comes to school ready to learn and does not give up.  I was so proud of her this week when she went home and re-worked an assignment to show her improved understanding.