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Yellow Bus Update

Good afternoon, LPES Families,

Beginning on Monday, August 28, when traditional schools return to class, it is anticipated that the WCPSS bus driver shortage could potentially create potential changes in both arrival and departure times for students. Based on current routing information, we anticipate only minimal changes in bus schedules. Changes may occur daily, and I will do my best to communicate as quickly as possible through SchoolMessenger text. 

Information about LPES yellow buses:

  • We have 7 bus routes and all 7 routes have drivers. 

  • We anticipate Route 1 will arrive before 8:45 AM. Staff members will be on campus to retrieve from the bus.

  • We anticipate Routes 3 and 6 taking 15-30 minutes longer to drop off students at designated bus stops in the afternoons. I will send a SchoolMessenger text to families whose students are still on campus after 4:30 PM.

  • All routes should be prepared for delays next week, but we are hopeful for minimal changes.

  • In the event there are bus drivers out unexpectedly, there may be unforeseen impacts on routes. I will use SchoolMessenger to send a text message to families in the event there is not a driver available.

Please use the resources listed below to stay informed about live updates and potential time changes:

Thank you for your flexibility and understanding during this transition!


Charelle Lovett