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Istation Reading


Istation Reading - Grades K-5


This year all Pleasant Grove students in grades K-5 will have access to the Istation reading program. Students will be able to take a reading screening at home in September, which will help teachers individualize reading instruction and interventions for your child. This screening will not be used as grade, but your teacher will share the results with you. All students will also have access to the adaptive curriculum, which will help students practice the reading skills they need to strengthen. The lessons will advance as the student masters different skills. More information will be coming soon on how to access and use this resource.


Istation Indicators of Progress (ISIP™):  The ISIP assessment helps teachers understand how they can personalize your child’s learning. Now ISIP is available for students to take at home. Students will be assessed by September 30.  Classroom teachers will provide specific instructions for when each  child should log-in and complete the assessment.  Please do not have your child log in to Istation or begin the assessment until their classroom teacher provides those directions.  These parent links are for your reference and contain additional information about the Istation assessment.