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Remote Learning for Pleasant Grove Students


Starting April 13, all students and teachers will begin remote learning activities.  This message describes what to expect. 


Schedule: We have created a schedule for weekly learning activities in literacy, math, science, social studies, art, music, and physical education.  This schedule is intended to provide maximum flexibility for everyone because of all the uncertainties that families still face due to COVID19. 


Remote learning will occur in a variety of ways.  Teachers will provide lessons that students can access in a manner that is not dependent on using a device at a specific time.  Each week, there will be pre-recorded lessons to watch as videos, “live” sessions with teachers and students, as well as activities to complete and submit digitally.



Kindergarten & First Grade:  At Pleasant Grove, all Kindergarten and 1st grade Teachers will provide lessons/assignments online through ClassDojo. Your child’s teacher will share a link that is unique to your child for him/her to be able to post work onto their DojoPortfolio. Students will have work that is due each Friday.  Click here to see a video that shows the steps for getting into Class Dojo.


Grades 2 – 5: Lessons/assignments for grades 2-5 will be posted in Google ClassroomThis is a platform that students are very familiar with and should remember how to use. Students will go to their “Stream” tab (the default page when they get into their class) to see announcements.  Students will go to their “Classwork” tab to see assignments posted for their weekly assignments. Students will have work assigned Mon-Thurs that is due each Friday.  Click this link for a video that shows the steps for getting into Google Classroom.



Office Hours:  Each teacher will set “office hours” for a 1-hour block Mondays through Fridays for response to parent and student questions. Contact your teacher through email or ClassDojo.  Your child’s teacher will share more details about their specific office hours with you. For emails or ClassDojo messages outside of office hours please allow a 24-hour response window.


If your student receives services through an IEP or 504 plan, your child’s special education teachers and related service providers will also contact you to check on your child and develop activities for support.  Students who participate in the Special Education Preschool Program or the Extended Content Standards Classrooms will follow a plan of activities communicated by their child’s teacher.  For Preschool students this will involve using the Teaching Strategies Gold platform.  For Extended Content Standard students this will use activities that are part of the Unique Learning Systems.



Technology Support:  If you have a technology issue and need help, please contact the Student Help Desk at or by phone weekdays from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. at 919-694-8100You can also use this link. One common issue that has been reported already involves when students use their WakeID.  If another Google account is logged in on your device at home, it can affect the students' ability to access any sites.


Devices:  We continue to work with families who do not have access to devices for remote learning. Grades K-1 families can submit pictures of their child’s completed work using a smartphone with ClassDojo to minimize the need for device use. Families with multiple students should be able to share a device. Email me at if you need assistance.  Over 100 families responded to calls from teachers and have received support from the school. We are waiting on the arrival of Wifi Hotspots to assist families in need of Internet access. We hope to schedule another device distribution event for families soon. 



Tips: I realize that remote learning may bring new challenges.  Admittedly, as a parent juggling work and online lessons for my own kids has been an adjustment. Here are some ideas to help your child:

  • Getting started can be the hardest part.  Create a routine or a daily schedule to structure the time.  
  • If you are able, set up a spot for your child to do their "work."  This is can help support making a consistent routine.
  • Keeping up with schoolwork is important.  It is even MORE important to be with our families, and to be safe.  We realize that every family may have unique circumstances and unexpected situations that take place during this time.  There will typically be just two hours of schoolwork each day. 
  • Sometimes, students want things to "look pretty" and "be perfect."  This will NOT happen 100% right now. AND, that's OK. Let us know when there are questions we need to work out.
  • Remote learning is something we’ve never done before. We are all new to it.  Let us know if you need any support. 


I hope that you and your child are healthy and safe while schools remain closed due to coronavirus.  Thank you for your continued patience and support as we work together to navigate these unprecedented times.



Burt Batten, Principal