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Congratulations! 1st Place


Congratulations, Aditri and Sohana, on earning First Place in the state-level Nano Innovations Challenge!

This Nano Technology challenge, sponsored by The Friday Institute for Education, invites middle and high school students to come up with a solution to a global problem that uses nanotechnology to address one of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.  

We could not be more proud of Aditri and Sohana, 7th graders in Mrs. Bhandari's science class, for their innovative HydroClean solution to clean water. In a great example of making connections across subject areas, Aditri and Sohana came up with their idea after reading the novel, A Long Walk to Water, in their ELA class.

See their 1st place video here



The Task: Create a 3-minute multimedia presentation in the format of a video to pitch your idea for using nanotechnology to address one of the Sustainable Development Goals. Presentations will be judged on these criteria: 1) application of scientific content, 2) creativity/innovation and 3) presentation quality.

Who Can Participate? Middle and high school student teams of up to 5 students

Judging: There are 2 levels of judging: 1) Each school will judge the projects and select one winning team to go forth to the state level. 2) At the state level competition, scientists and science educators from the Research Triangle Nanotechnology Network will judge the Nano Innovation presentations and will select the winning teams.