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Congratulations, Science Olympiad

Congratulations to our Reedy Creek Science Olympiad students and parents! We successfully completed the Science Olympiad competition on February 1st at Southeast Raleigh High. The competition was fierce, and there is nothing better than seeing so many students celebrating their hard work and success! Out of the 83 schools who participated during the Science Olympiad Regional competition, we won many awards:

1st place:

  • Junior Varsity Team: 1) Write It Do It

2nd place:

  • Varsity Team:  1) Meteorology,  2) Reach for the Stars
  • Junior Varsity Team: 1) Dynamic Planet

3rd place:

  • Varsity Team:  1) Mousetrap Vehicle
  • Junior Varsity Team: 1) Game On, 2) Mousetrap Vehicle

4th place:

  • Junior Varsity Team: 1) Boomilever, 2) Circuit Lab, 3) Density Lab, 4) Disease Detective, 5) Elastic Launch glider, 6) Experimental Design, 7) Food Science, 8) Heredity, 9) Machines, 10) Ornithology, 11) Ping Pong Parachute, 12) Reach for The Stars, 13) Road Scholar, 

5th place:

  • Varsity Team:  1) Density Lab
  • Junior Varsity Team: 1) Anatomy & Physiology, 2) Crime busters, 3) Meteorology, 4) Water Quality

6th place:

  • Varsity Team:  1) Dynamic Planet
  • Junior Varsity Team: 1) Fossils, 2) Mission Possible