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Disability Awareness

GRADE 6 ACTIVITIES:   6th Grade Disability Awareness Lesson


GRADE 7 ACTIVITIES: 7th or 8th Grade Disability Awareness Lesson

In an effort to provide more awareness around those with disabilities (and represent WCPSS with the DHAM initiative), we have planned several lessons for you to do with your students on Friday October 18th.

On Friday October 18th we will be running on a 1 hour delay schedule in an effort to provide more time to go through the lessons and have meaningful discussion with students on this topic.

You can find the 1 hour delay schedule on here:1 HOUR DELAY SCHEDULE

As well, could please have this quote up in your classrooms on Friday: "Every Student, Every day" This is the theme this year for DHAM! (Disability History And Awareness)

Attendance on Friday will be taken at 9:15 in homeroom.