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Scratch Programming


Scratch-Getting Started: Moving along down the list of TIPS tutorials, start this time with learning to make a game. Code the game "Race to the Finish." Then move on to the next game to code "Hide and Seek" - build your skills. Think about how you can use these skills to build your own game!


Use the animated tutorials in the right-hand panel to direct your work. Each tutorial has a List of Steps that outlines the skills you will be practicing. You can use this list to move through the program or to hop to a particular step.  There are also other navigation guides such as "next" and "back" to help move you through the various animations in the tutorial. Navigation can be found both above and below the animations. 



Try your hand at getting the BEE to all the honey. Think you can? Try your best moves!


INTERMEDIATE + LEVEL (continuation from last week)

Open the two files that are hyperlinked here. Toggle between the two Chrome browser tabs or set them up as side-by-side windows so that you can see them at the same time.


Tab 1: TUTORIAL--Rock, Paper, Scissors Part 2. This is the continuation of the Rock Paper Scissors tutorial you started last week. Don't worry if you didn't save your work - you will find that when you open the Scratch file below - it starts out in just the right place for you to continue adding the remainder of the game.


Watch the video tutorial for your instructions and pause the video frequently to duplicate the instructions in your Scratch workspace.  You can replay any part of the video as often as needed to see the instructions again.


Tab 2: Scratch (Rock, Paper Scissors) Part 2. All of the work that was done last week is saved into this file so that you can continue forward BY adding all the rest of the game. You won't have to repeat any of the previous instructions.


Goal: Create the same game that you watched being built in the Video tutorial: Rock, Paper, Scissors.  


The original links for all these activities are posted here.