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7th Grade Immunizations DUE NOW:

7th Grade Immunizations DUE NOW:

If you received an email on Thursday, July 16th regarding immunizations, we have not received proof of immunization for the required MCV or Tdap or both.  If you did not receive the July 16th email, you may disregard this announcement.   

The State of North Carolina requires we have a record of these required immunizations in your child’s permanent file prior to the first day of their 7th grade school year.  Please email your child’s proof of these immunizations 

  1. There will not be any extension to the immunization deadline.
  2. The Immunization Law states immunizations are required for every child present in North Carolina
  3. Virtual/Online Learning does NOT exempt these students from the immunization requirements
  4. The required immunizations are due BY THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL – August 17, 2020.
  5. The first day is August 17th, even if your student does not attend that day.