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We Need Parents to Share Career Knowledge!

PARENTS - share your career knowledge with our students!  Laura Simmons is DDMMS's Career Development Coordinator. She will be providing your child with lots of opportunities to learn about different careers, but she needs your help. Please consider sharing insights about your career with our students. The more they know, the better they will fit into their future career, and the more motivated they will be in school. We have many ways for you to be involved.  Scan the QR code below to access a questionnaire to let us know how you would like to help our students! NOTE: Please ignore the “Request edit access”, and simply fill out the form & submit. If you just want to make suggestions or know people who can help - send Ms. Simmons an e-mail : Visit the link:  or scan the QR code below.

Thank so much!    Laura Simmons




Laura Simmons