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November 13th Paw Print

Incoming Kindergarten Tour Dates
You and your child are invited to a guided tour of the school during the school day. We will start in the Media Center for a short orientation, meet some of the staff that will be important to your child and answer any pertinent questions you may have. We will tour the school, including all locations where your child will learn, play, and go for lunch, arrival, and dismissal. All tours are similar, including visits to kindergarten classrooms and take about one hour. Please come on the day that is most convenient to you and your child. Dates and times are listed below. Due to car pool, we ask that you arrive between 9:05-9:15.

 To give parents more specific information, the Kindergarten team will host an Orientation session for parents only on Tuesday May 12th in the Gym. This parent session will be from 6:00 to 7:00pm. Information will include a description of a typical kindergarten day, an overview of the learning objectives for the kindergarten year and the schedule for the first week of school. Please mark your calendar now to join us and arrange your own childcare.

 We look forward to getting to know your family and working with you, as a team, for many years. We hope that you will trust Highcroft Drive Elementary to begin your child’s formal school career of growth and learning.


Tour Dates for Incoming Students
Wed. January 8 @ 9:20am
Wed. February 26 @ 9:20am
Wed. May 6 @ 9:20am

Kindergarten Parent Orientation
Tues. May 12th at 6:00pm


Giving Tree
The Highcroft Giving Tree begins on November 20th.  This program works in conjunction with the School Counseling Department and the PTA to provide the joy of gift receiving to those in need of assistance.  

Mittens will list a child's wish item for you to purchase and donate. The names of the recipients are anonymous. If you are interested in participating in the program, please stop by the lobby beginning Nov. 20th and take a mitten. Please be sure to sign the book that will be on the table so we can keep track of which codes have been taken. We ask that only adults take a mitten. Return the unwrapped gift, with the mitten attached to it, to the collecting boxes in the main lobby by December 10th.

 If you need assistance for the winter holiday, please fill out and return the form sent home by November 8th.

 Thank you for making this a very special time for another HDE child and their family.




Carpool Changes

There are new, taller cones for carpool.  In order to make carpool more efficient and safer for our students, please pull forward so that the cone is lined up with the car door.  


Health Room Clothes Closet
We need your help! We’re in need of unopened packages of under garments and socks for boys and girls. Thank you in advance!


Readers Theater: Volunteers Needed
I would love to have a few Parent Volunteers to help in my Readers Theater Class. Any time(s) are welcome! It would be especially nice to have someone when I have Kindergarten students (12:15p-1:00p). Please spread the word! Thanks in advance, Sherri Laupert room #407


Counselor Connection
Please click the following link:


Lost & Found
We have over 50 jackets and other items awaiting their owners for pick up. Please have your child(ren) stop by and claim any missing items. All items not picked up by the Thanksgiving holiday break will be donated.


***Note: If students names are on items they will be returned. Please make sure you’re putting your child’s name on all items coming to school.***



Special Rotation Days
Thursday, November 14th – Day 3
Friday, November 15th – Day 4
Monday, November 18th – Day 5
Tuesday, November 19th – Day 6
Wednesday, November 20th – Day 7


Upcoming Events
November 15th – Huskies on the Run @ 8am (Track)
                               Doggie Depot @ 8:45 (end of main hall)
November 18th – Kidz Art @ 3:45 (Art room 203)
November 19th – Triangle Chess @ 3:45 (room 304)
November 21st – Snapology @ 3:45 (art room 203)
                               TGA Golf & Tennis @ 3:45 (courtyard)


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