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Paw Print- March 15

March 15th, 2023


Message From Our Principal


Greetings, Highcroft parents and families!  I hope to see many of you this evening in our virtual SSA (Single Subject Acceleration) parent meeting.  Any parent interested in referring their child for SSA or participating in SSA is encouraged to attend.


SSA Virtual Parent Information Session Link (March 15 - 6:30pm):


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Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns.  Have a great rest of your week! 


Catherine Shearin, Principal



Classroom & Individual Picture Day - Change
Our Spring Picture Day for individuals and classes has been changed to
Wednesday, March 22, 2022.  Dress for success and bring your pearly whites!  


Note From a Highcroft Neighbor


3/10/23 This morning, due to the rain, there were several cars parked on Lemster Lane which is a very small street, in order to walk their children to HDES.  Every morning when it rains, there are several more cars parked on Lemster Ln and Millsfield Drive than usual and it is still very much a problem.  This morning, there were three cars parked on Lemster Lane which is a narrow two way street.  Two other cars were trying to leave on the narrow street while two other cars were entering; I was one of them.  We were at a stand still because we had two cars facing two more cars on essentially a one lane road.  The last car could not back up; this mother seemed to be a new driver or nervous under the pressure but she simply could not back up.  So we tried to drive in reverse onto Sears Farm Road which was also dangerous as you can imagine.  At the same time, a woman walking her dog carrying a large umbrella had to weave through this mess of cars.  Then a school bus pulled up behind the last car (who was unable to drive in reverse) and then another car behind me (a neighbor trying to get home) -- so we had nearly six cars at one point at a face-to-face stand still on Lemster with no one moving.  It was a disaster!  All the while, people are walking around us trying to get their kids to school in the rain.  I was patient but furious that I could not get into my neighborhood and that these parents had put us in this precarious situation.


At no time should cars be parked on the neighborhood streets to drop off, pick up, or walk with students to or from school.  This is a safety concern for all and is not fair to our Highcroft neighbors. Our carpool is very efficient, even on rainy days.  If a child enters the building late because of the line at carpool, they will not be marked tardy. 


Zones of Regulation

Our school is implementing the ‘Zones of Regulation’ curriculum to support students with self-regulation.  The lessons are designed to help students recognize when they are in different ‘Zones’ as well as learn strategies to change or stay in the Zone they are in.  Please see the attached documents from our Social/Emotional Learning committee on how you can support your child at home using the ‘Zones’. 


Donor’s Chooose

First grade teachers have created a Donors Choose project entitled ‘EGGcellent EDventures in 1st Grade’ to fund a project focused on the needs of living things and characteristics of birds.  The project will fund the cost of an incubator, cages, eggs, etc. so the class, in conjunction with Wake County 4H, can hatch eggs.  Please donate to this project at the link below:


EGGcellent EDventures in 1st Grade



Single Subject Acceleration (SSA)

Single Subject Acceleration (SSA) is the practice of skipping a grade level of content in ONE SUBJECT AREA, or assigning a student to a higher-grade level than is typical, given the student's age, for the purpose of providing access to appropriately challenging learning opportunities. Testing for eligibility is required during the WCPSS mandated testing window.  A student must be enrolled AND attending a WCPSS public school to participate in SSA Testing. 


Students are only able to TEST AND QUALIFY in ONE SUBJECT AREA...either ELA OR Math. Prior to requesting SSA Testing, it is imperative to your child's success that you consider all of their traits and abilities, not just an academic strength in one subject.


*A virtual parent information session will be held on Wednesday, March 15 at 6:30pm. The link will be sent via the Wednesday 15th Paw Print and will also be posted on Mrs. Walters' website. Please plan to attend this session if you are considering SSA for your child.

SSA Virtual Parent Information Session Link (March 15 - 6:30pm):


Real-time meetings by Google. Using your browser, share your video, desktop, and presentations with teammates and customers.


*The SSA Test Request Window for Highcroft Drive Elementary is Monday, March 20 - Friday March 24. The link for the SSA Test Request form will be posted on Mrs. Walters' website on Monday, March 20th . Test Requests will not be accepted after 4:00pm Friday, March 24. SSA Testing will take place April 18th through May 3rd . Specific dates and times will be sent to parents who submit a Test Request form.


Please visit Mrs. Walters' AIG & SSA Website for more SSA information, or email Mrs. Walters directly at with questions about SSA.

Thank You!


Lost and Found

With the constant fluctuations in our temperatures, our Lost and Found is overflowing with coats, sweatshirts, hats, etc.  Please ask your child to swing by the Lost and Found area (by the exit doors to the playground by the cafeteria) to find anything they are missing.  Unclaimed items will be donated on March 31st. 


There is no order necessary for the yearbook.  In May every student will receive a yearbook.  If you would like to keep it, you  just need to send in $17.  If you do not wish to keep it, please return the book back to school.





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