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Paw Print February 1, 2023

February 1st, 2023

A Message from Your Principal
Hello, Highcroft students and families!  Happy February!  The school year is moving by quickly and we are halfway through the year.  Please find the information below regarding our upcoming ‘Kindness Week’. 


Catherine Shearin, Principal


Kindness Week - February 6-10, 2023

We are so excited to introduce our new ‘Kindness Week’ next week.  Classes and teachers will be focused on kindness challenges across the school for the entire week.   We will have two ‘spirit days’ next week.  On Wednesday, 2/8, everyone should dress for the ‘Bee Kind’ celebration in ‘bee’ fashion or in yellow and black.  On Friday, 2/10, we will celebrate ‘Kindness Day’.  Students can wear ‘Kindness’ themed attire or do an ‘act of kindness’ for another.


School Counseling Week

The week of February 6-10 is also ‘School Counselor Week’.  We are so lucky to have two amazing counselors who work with all of our students.  Let’s show our love and gratitude for all that Mrs. Tew and Ms. Oliva do everyday for our school by recognizing them next week. 


Quarter 2 Report Cards

Report cards go home with all students on Monday, Feb. 6th.  This is a great mid-year check for your student(s).  Do not hesitate to reach out to your child’s teachers with any questions, requesting a conference, etc.


Valentine’s Day Activities

With Valentine’s Day rapidly approaching, classes will be preparing Valentine exchanges and activities.  If your child is bringing Valentines to classmates, please be sure each student in the class receives one.  You child's teachers will provide class lists to ensure all students receive Valentine’s from everyone. 


Continuous Updates to Walker Procedures

Our new walker procedures are going great!  The increased security has made me rest easier knowing all of our kids are accounted for and going home safely.  The separation of ‘red tag’ walkers and ‘yellow tag’ walkers has made the dismissal process less chaotic.  Any older, ‘yellow tag’, student who is receiving a younger student or meeting a parent,  is welcome to come to the ‘red tag’ doors to dismiss.


Change In Dismissal

If you need to change the means in which your child goes home in the office, please communicate that via email to your child’s teacher ASAP.  If it is a last minute change, you are welcome to call the office and we will communicate that with your child’s teacher.  In the event of any inclement weather, it is still best to communicate with your child’s teacher via email but you are still welcome to call the office.    


Kids Heart Challenge Is Here!  

Hello, Heart Heroes! Kids Heart Challenge is starting today! We have some exciting things planned this year to get us moving, helping others, and having fun. Be sure to sign up today and choose a daily health challenge. Last year we were one of the top school for raising money for the American Heart Association so let’s keep that momentum going!  Visit our school page at

American Heart Association

The American Heart Association offers programs for the classroom and for the gym to get help kids healthy and performing better in school.

 or download the Kids Heart Challenge app!


#kidsheartchallenge #hearthero



Honor A Teacher

Excellence in teaching – we know it when we see it. It can be the teacher who spends extra time with the students who need it most, or the teacher who is creative enough to inspire a real love of learning in a student. Perhaps it’s a teacher who cares enough to be involved with their students beyond the classroom. Whatever their methods, certain teachers make a real impact on students and their learning abilities.

We would like to recognize one such teacher and we need your help. The Cary Chamber of Commerce has been a leader in supporting education in our community through numerous programs and activities. One of the most critical needs of Wake County schools is that of attracting and retaining the best classroom teachers. With the Cary Chamber of Commerce's Honor a Teacher Program we hope to help our school system in meeting that challenge.

Building on the success of the Discovery Award first sponsored by the Ashworth family in 1991, followed by the Clara Knoll Award in 2000 by Barry and DJ Mitsch, the Cary Chamber has secured sponsors to develop a teaching awards program for all schools in the Cary Area.

We are asking our community to nominate teachers for this award. Included with your nomination, please describe why you feel this particular teacher deserves this award. Nominations must be submitted no later than Friday, February 17 at 5:00pm. These nominations will then be narrowed down to finalists that will be interviewed by a designated committee.

If you have any questions, please email Kelcey Ashworth, Vice President of Education & Member Business Services, at

Here is the link to the nomination form:


There is no order necessary for the yearbook.  In May every student will receive a yearbook.  If you would like to keep it, you  just need to send in $17.  If you do not wish to keep it, please return the book back to school.





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