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Paw Print, June 8

June 8th, 2022

A Message from Your Principal
Happy last week of school!  I hope you all have a wonderful, relaxing, and safe summer vacation.  Listed below are many online and local resources that you can utilize and explore as a family this summer.  Every student should spend time this summer reading! 

Grade level school supply lists will be posted on our school’s website by June 15th.  We are not utilizing the Edukit service this year so families will be responsible for purchasing items for their students. 

Mark your calendars for 2022-23 Meet the Teacher.  Remember this is just a brief visit to see your child’s classroom and meet the teacher.  We will also have opportunities for you to receive a carpool number, join PTA, get information about the YMCA before and after school programs, and receive bus information.  Families will receive emails from their classroom teachers on the day of Meet the Teacher welcoming them to their class. 

Meet the Teacher - Grades 1-5

Thursday, Aug 25, 2022 

Last names ending in A-M - 4:00 - 4:45

Last names ending in N - Z - 5:00 - 5:45

Kindergarten Meet the Teacher

Friday, Sep 2, 2022

12:00 - 2:00 - All Kindergarten students

I look forward to welcoming you all back in August.  Have a great summer!! 


Catherine Shearin, Principal


Summer Reading Tips and Resources
Even while our students are away from us, we want to help them create the optimum environment for reading and talking about books.  Here are a few ideas to obtain this environment:

  1. Both myON and Big Universe are excellent online resources for reading materials.
  2. Letterland Phonics Online will continue to provide opportunities to practice foundational reading skills.
  3. The Reading Text Guides allow students to independently engage in the Read, Think, Talk, Write framework. 


The Preventing Summer Learning Loss Tips document is a resource for parents with specifics tips on daily activities to support reading during the summer.


Keep Learning! Activities to Keep Students Engaged During the Summer


Summer Learning Resources

  Learning doesn’t have to stop just because the school year has come to an end! Invite your students’ and their families to explore our amazing world by interacting with the following resources:


  • 30 Day Science Challenge: Summer Edition (printable) - 30 different opportunities to find, observe, or investigate phenomena all around us.
  • Camp Wonderopolis - Camp Wonderopolis® is the free online summer-learning destination that's full of fun, interactive STEM and literacy-building topics boosted by Maker experiments!
  • Start With A Book: Summer Science - Reading and writing happens across the curriculum, including the sciences. This summer, strengthen children's literacy, inquiry, and problem-solving skills — and connect kids with high-quality nonfiction and informational books.
  • Scholastic: Fun in the Sun Activities - Take learning on the road or make discoveries right in your backyard. These ideas will help your child explore, learn, and play all summer long.
  • National Science Teaching Association (NSTA): Daily Dos - Daily Dos are sensemaking tasks teachers and parents can use to engage their students in authentic, relevant science learning. Be sure to check out the “Elementary” and “For Families” tabs!
  • PBS: Let’s Build - Help your child develop STEM skills at home.
  • PBS: Observing Nature - Nature play, or time spent in nature, has many benefits. Time spent outdoors gets kids moving, promotes creativity and curiosity, increases confidence, and gives them time to think and explore their world outside. You don’t need to venture far! Your backyard, neighborhood sidewalk, or local park is fertile ground for a young imagination. In “Elinor Wonders Why,” Elinor and her friends have fun observing nature by engaging with plants, animals, and nature, and asking simple but probing questions to figure out why and how things work.
  • NC Museum of Natural Sciences - Explore science in downtown Raleigh!