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February 24th Paw Print

TODAY is Material Pick-Up Day

Wednesday, February 24th from 11:00-2:00. This is only for VA students.

Kindergarten, 1st & 2nd grade - If your child is in K, 1st, or 2nd grade you will drive through the carpool loop to get your child's materials. Please have a sign with your child's name, teacher's name and grade level on it. This is very helpful. You can also drop off any library/classroom books. Please put these books in a plastic bag labeled with your child’s name and teacher name and we can get them when you drive through. Thank you for continuing to support your child's learning at home.


3rd, 4th & 5th grade - If your child is in 3rd, 4th or 5th grade you will drive through the bus loop to get your child's materials. Please have a sign with your child's name, teacher's name and grade level on it. This is very helpful. You can also return any library/classroom books. Please put these books in a plastic bag labeled with your child’s name and teacher name and we can get them when you drive through. Thank you for continuing to support your child's learning at home.

Library Books
Please return all Highcroft library books checked out to your child on February 24 during material distribution.  If you are unclear if your child has books checked out to them, here are the directions to find out:

1) Log into your child's wake portal (or better, have them login)
2) Click on the "Follett" app
3) Look at the blue ribbon across the page to the right and click tab labeled "My Info"
4) There you will find the titles of the books your child has checked out to them

 Please return on February 24 to avoid overdue notices.

Donated Paper Bags
Please be sure to make a point to visit Harris Teeter, Parkside who donated 900 paper bags to help us with our material distribution!  They also shared that if you don't get a coupon in the mail for $10 off a purchase of $50 or more to stop by their Customer Service desk to get one!

 Publix at Bradford Par also donated 400 bags so please visit them as well!  Our community has been so generous!




Kindergarten Registration for 2021-22 school year
If you have not yet registered your child for Kindergarten for next school year, please do so by March 31st.  Since Highcroft is a capped school, we guarantee a seat for those students that have lived in our base prior to the cap date of Jan. 22, 2019 if they register before the deadline.  If we do become capped in Kindergarten and you have not registered by then, there is a chance your child will be capped out to Turner Creek. Even if you have other children that attend Highcroft currently, it is not certain that your kindergartener will come here if you do not register.  After April 1st, it will be on a first come first serve basis.


Curriculum Corner

Student/Parent Tutorials on Google Apps. - This is a great resource for parents

Istation Support Documents for Parents

Having trouble with Technology at home? - Help Desk information for students and parents





Parent Portal

Home Base gives parents and students access to real-time information including attendance, grades, and bus information. With Home Base, powered by PowerSchool application, everyone stays connected: Students stay on top of assignments, parents are able to participate in their child's progress, and teachers can instantly share information from their grade book with parents and students. Families with multiple students can also set up their accounts to view all of their students at one time, with one login

Please apply for access information by filling out the form and returning to your child’s school


 Return to Campus Guide for Parents


If your child is attending in-person instruction for the first time:

Forms that need to be complete and returned to school the first day your child attends:

 Student Accountability and Required Health Protocols - This was sent out by the district. Parents need to complete page 8 and send it back to school.

(If applicable) Technology - Personal Device Permission Form - While in-person students with WCPSS devices should plan to bring their device to and from school. Parents can choose to allow or not allow their child to bring their personal device. All students who bring a personal device to school are required to have a signed copy of the BYOD Consent Form on record.



All students (walkers, carpool, etc) will use the front door for arrival.  You will need to be patient as you wait to drop off in carpool.  A staff member will come to your car in the line and ask the health screening questions and another staff member will give your child a contactless temperature check as you pull up to the front.  Your child may exit the car after they pass the screening and temperature check. We will not have a safety patrol in place to help with opening car doors.  Students should then walk directly to their classroom.  Walkers and bus riders will also participate in the screening.  Parents of bus riders must turn in the following form to school if your child is riding a bus for the first time.  Online submission is preferred!  Call the school office if you need your child’s ID number.



Students will be spaced out in the classroom.  Communal supplies will not be used until further notice.  Teachers will be teaching procedures and talking about how to follow the 3 W’s and ensure safety.


Rooms and Hallways

Classrooms have been relocated for 2nd, 3rd, and 5th so that all face-to-face classrooms are on the front main hallway.  The Hut and the Lodge are not being used by students.  Students will not be in the hallways very often except for restroom breaks and brief transitions.  Circles on the ground will remind students to keep 6 feet apart.  Students are not permitted to walk in other parts of the school to visit other staff.


Specials and Lunch

Specialists will have students in their classrooms.  An adult will take students directly to and from specials and students will not wait in the hallway.  Due to the limited number of students in the building, we have determined that this is safe.  Students will be eating in their classrooms.  Students are able to purchase food from the cafeteria, but it will be delivered to the classrooms as the cafeteria will not be utilized.  During lunch, students will unmask and eat their lunch without talking.  When they are finished, they will remask and then can sit and socialize when all students are finished eating.  We will be utilizing the new WCPSS guidelines for eating and drinking.



Students will go outside weather permitting.  Everyone is required to keep masks on, but there is a procedure for mask breaks outside that teachers will review.  Students are permitted to use the play equipment, but are not permitted to play any games that require contact.  We will have Mr. Karges on the playground to provide a choice for some group, individual games.  Students may also participate in individual activities.  We are asking students to bring in their own sidewalk chalk, small ball, jump rope, etc.  No equipment can be shared.



Students will be dismissed from classrooms.  Staff will be supporting them to listen and watch for their bus to be called.  Carpool numbers will be called out over the intercom as students will not be allowed to sit in the front hallway.  We will not have a safety patrol in place to help with opening car doors.  With so few students on campus, please be sure to arrive at 3:45.  Dismissal will likely be over well before 4:00, but please continue to be patient as we practice these new procedures in the first few days with new students.



All walkers will enter and exit the building using the front doors only.  If you are waiting for your child out front at dismissal, please stand to the side away from the carpool area.


Carpool Tags

Carpool tags should be used in the afternoons.  If you don’t have a tag, we will give your child one on the first day of the rotation.  Just use their name when arriving at school.  Carpool tags from last year can be used again.


Cleaning and Disinfecting

Hand sanitizer for student use is available in all classrooms and in hallways. Classrooms and hallways are deep cleaned each night and during the day.  Large restrooms are cleaned and disinfected several times during the day.  Teachers and Instructional Assistants have the WCPSS approved cleaning supplies in classrooms as well.  The room will be cleaned after lunch each day.



The only time visitors will be allowed to enter the building will be on the first day for students new to face to face instruction or on a new rotation day for 4th/5th grade students.  We will allow parents to escort their child to their class.  Please note that parents will have to participate in a health screening and must wear a mask.  Make sure that drop off is quick as teachers will not be available at this time.


School Campus

The only students permitted to use the campus are those students attending school for in-person instruction.  The use of playground equipment, fields, and parking lots is strictly prohibited during school hours.


Health Room (Office) and Care Room (308)

The office health room will be utilized for minor injuries and dispensing medications.  Any student who is showing signs of symptoms of illness will go to the Care Room (Room 308).  Parents may be directed to pick up their child from this room using the outside door.