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Student Recognized for Poetry

Asher Bradford. Remember that name. He is a talented fifth grade student at Olds Elementary who writes thoughtful, amazing poetry. Most recently, he earned second place in the Celebrate America Creative Writing Contest. Congratulations Asher! We look forward to reading more of your work in the future.




I look across the tall electric fence

There are men getting whipped to the bone like a vulture feeding on the flesh of the dead

A word I can’t speak like the air I can hardly breathe

I sorrowfully turn around to see a loving father

Wait. I see no father

I hear the dreadful screaming from both sides of the fence

 I feel strong hands pull me away

I wake up in a room as black as the night.

All alone, hungry, tired, and weak.

No one, nowhere, nothing.




I look across the wide free growing field

There are kids laughing and having fun

I feel the want to laugh too

I look back at my dad whose smile lights up his face

 like the sun lighting up the sky

 We’re in America, free at last

I feel gentle hands leading me to my room

A colorful room with paintings and joy

Together, full, energetic, and strong

Everyone, everywhere, safe and sound.



By Asher Bradford

Immigration Writing Contest

Olds Elementary, Grade 5