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Student Spotlight 2020




Spotlight on Students

Each year, every WCPSS school nominates a student to the Board of Education for the Spotlight on Students program. The program recognizes students for being outstanding achievers/active learners, exemplary citizenship, advocates for wellness, and/or a quality decision-maker.


Our 2020 Spotlight on Students is Yusuf Mohammed Rahmani. Yusuf joined our Old’s family at the beginning of the school year. Since the first day of school, he has been a model student who consistently demonstrates a passion for learning. Yusuf has been learning English. His native language is Farsi. While some people might see this as a barrier, Yusuf views mastering English as an opportunity to become multilingual! This example alone gives you insight into how Yusuf sees challenges and life in general, simply as opportunities for personal growth and development. Yusuf has great goals for himself like becoming a program developer or a cybersecurity engineer at IBM. Yusuf is wise beyond his years and is always ready to learn. He is a great classmate. He is cooperative, thoughtful, and kind and helpful to his peers. According to his teachers, it is a joy to have Yusuf in class. They believe that he will move on to do great and amazing things in life.


Please join us in recognizing Yusuf for this Spotlight on Students honor.