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Final Principal's Message

Dear Parents,


I hope everyone had a great weekend.  I can’t believe the 2019-2020 school year has officially come to an end!  We ended on such a positive note as we finished our 8th grade drive thru celebrations on Friday. 


We know that a lot of uncertainty remains for next year.  As additional information is provided, I will be sure to keep you informed.


This email contains some very important items.  Please see below:

  1. Final Item Pick-Up and Drop-off Times: We will have one final round of opportunities to pick up any items.  These items may include:


  1. Items from lockers
  2. Items from locker room
  3. 8th grade promotion certificate & t-shirt
  4. Heart and Sole t-shirt
  5. Class of 2026 shirts online


This is also a time to bring any final items that need to be turned in, which may include:

  1. Locks
  2. Library books
  3. ELA novels
  4. Sports uniforms

Dates and Times:

Tuesday, June 16th

Wednesday, June 17th

Thursday, June 18th


1:00 pm – 3:00 pm


3:00 pm – 5:00 pm


9:00 am – 11:00 am



Details for Pick-Up: A student or parent may come to pick up items.  When you arrive, please report to the main entrance.  Please tell the person at the table the grade and track of the student.  You will wait at the table while they retrieve the items and bring them out to you.  If there are multiple people arriving at the same time, please follow safety and social distancing guidelines by waiting at the designated cones or staying in your vehicle until the line goes down.

  1. Field Trip Refund Checks: The fiscal end of the year for the 2019-20 school year is June 30.  If you have received a field trip refund check, please cash/deposit it before the end of June.


If you have lost, misplaced, or have a question about a refund check, please contact June Cronk @


  1. Lost Locks: We have approximately 200 locks that have not been turned in. We will be mailing letters home if your child has not turned in their lock.  The letter will provide directions on how to pay the lost lock fee of $5 online.


  1. Yearbooks: I received notification over the weekend that yearbooks are shipping this week. Most of you will receive them directly to your home.  A small number are being delivered to school.  This is because we may not have had an updated address or based on the date that you ordered. For any that are delivered to school we will contact you and arrange a time for pick up.  It’s possible that you may be able to pick them up on Wednesday or Thursday during the pick-up times noted above.  I will let you know once they arrive.