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April 3, 2020

Dear Parents,


I hope everyone has had a great week despite these uncertain times.  My goal continues to be to keep you updated and informed. I previously mentioned this is an ever-changing situation, but we will try to be consistent and timely with the information we share with you.


1. The most important item of note is the recent change that you have likely heard earlier this week.  WCPSS made the decision to convert all year-round schools to a traditional calendar that will remain in effect through at least May 15. Should schools reopen in May, necessary adjustments will be made to calendars at that time.


Track 4: This means you will return from track-out early.  Your first day “back to school” will be on Monday, April 13th.


Should schools be closed the remainder of the year, the school year would end as follows:


Track 1 last day of school:​​June 4th

Track 2-4 last day of school:June 11th.


2. As a result of the calendar change, WCPSS has also made an adjustment in the transition from “supplementary / optional learning opportunities” to “New Learning.  New learning will now begin on Monday, April 13th.  


Please note that if you look at a traditional school calendar it shows that April 13this a holiday.  With the changes being made this will now by the first day of new learning.


3. While next week will continue as supplemental / optional learning opportunities we see it as a great “transition” week.  Teachers have been working extremely hard to prepare for new learning and are excited to get started.  We have created a suggested daily schedule you may find helpful for your child to follow. This will bring some consistency and routine during their day.  


On the second page of this document you will see a link to the “office hours” for each grade level.  Because this will not officially begin until April 13th office hours are not required for next week, but some teams will be using this as a “practice run”.  This daily schedule document will also be located on our Remote Learning Resources page of our website.


4. As we move into new learning, we strongly encourage students to regularly check their WCPSS email account for information from teachers.


5. On April 9th, the counselors will launch Counselors' Corner on their Website.  On the site parents and students can find activities on social, emotional, and academic learning. Here's a quick video to explain:


6. Rising 7th and 8th grade elective registration: This is a very important message for our rising 7th and 8th grade students.  We have reached the point in the year where we would normally begin registration for electives.  As with many things we are adjusting as we go.  Later today, rising 7th and 8th grade parents will get another email from me with the details about how to register for electives.  It is critical you read that email and complete the necessary steps that will be included.  


In closing, I would just like to say thank you so much for the kind words you have shared with myself, teachers and others.  It means so much and we appreciate your understanding and patience as we navigate through this.  The word I continue to come back to and have shared with others is GRACE.  

Grace for yourself as parents and families because you are doing the best you can in a situation you could have never imagined.  


Grace for your child because they are learning how to “do school” in a completely different way than ever before.


Grace for your child’s teachers because they are working harder than you probably can imagine.  I am proud of the work and commitment they have put into providing the best resources possible for students and they are ready to tackle the next phase of this journey.


I have said this in the past and it remains true today.  We won’t always get it right and we make mistakes along the way, but our intentions are always pure and to do what is best for students!  We appreciate continued grace, patience and flexibility through all of this.