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March 31, 2020

Dear Parents,


I hope everyone has had an opportunity to enjoy this beautiful weather we’ve been having.  There are several updates below so please be sure to take a look.


1. The building will be open tomorrow from 12 – 3 pm for medicine pick up, as well as for student items from lockers and/or band instruments.  While not required, if possible, please follow this schedule to limit the number of individuals in the building


6th Grade:12:00 – 1:00

7th Grade:1:00 – 2:00

8th Grade:2:00 – 3:00


2. As a reminder, the RMS Remote Learning site is posted on our school webpage.  You can also find it by clicking here.  Our amazing elective and healthful living teachers have also recently added content which can be found in the same location.  If you’d like to visit their resource page directly, you can find that by going to the electives page or the healthful living page.


3. As we move closer to April 6th, we will be shifting some of our language around remote learning.  While the learning and resources being offered currently are considered “supplemental / optional”, beginning April 6th and moving forward you will see the language shift to “New Learning”.


In the coming days I will be sending another message with important information about what to expect with “New Learning” beginning April 6th.  Teachers have been working extremely hard to prepare for this next phase.  We will be sharing a document, which will highlight “office hours” for students to reach out to their teachers.  Teachers will also be posting lessons and assignments for students to complete.  All of this will take place through the Google Classroom and Google Meet application.  


Please remind your child that if/when teachers or students are engaging in dialogue through Google Meet, you are essentially inviting someone into your “home”.  Please be mindful of this for both the teacher and the student as you consider the location and background in which online learning is taking place.


We would like to encourage students to regularly check their WCPSS email account for information from teachers.  It is recommended they check that at least 1x/day.


We are still waiting for additional guidance around grading.  Teachers will be reaching out to fill in any gaps for 3rd quarter (missing assignments, re-takes, make-ups, etc.).  We want to provide maximum flexibility as it relates to grades for 3rd quarter.  


In terms of grades for 4th quarter, we want to focus on the learning and activities over grading.  While there will be some measure of assignments, our primary focus is on learning that is engaging, meaningful and relevant.  I will communicate more information around grades and grading as I know more.


4. We have had a few 8th grade parents reach out about information on drivers’ education.  The first piece of information to know is that a child must be 14 ½ years old to take driver education classes.  However, per WCPSS all Driver Education, classroom and behind the wheel classes are canceled as of Monday, March 16, 2020 until further notice. Unfortunately, I do not have any additional information around driver’s education.