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Volunteers Needed for Engineering Day

Engineering Day

Many volunteers are needed to make our first Engineering Day a success; it is the highlight of the year for our 7th grade students! This day is designed to engage students more deeply in engineering (STEM)  activities possibly leading to career interest. Think of Engineering Day (STEM) as a festival and celebration for STEM Education and an opportunity to generate interest and excitement about working in the STEM fields.

I’m looking for volunteers who would like to speak with students about your career, what you do in your career field, demo or present a visual, and present a hands-on activity if possible. If you are in  any of the following careers or under the umbrella of engineering (STEM), we would love to have you at our first engineering day. I’ve listed several careers for an idea of what i’m looking for, we are open to any engineering careers (STEM) (software engineer, petroleum engineering, marine engineer, geological engineer, environmental engineer, electrical engineer, drafting and design engineer, computer engineer, chemical engineer, automotive engineer...).

During the event students will rotate through classrooms every 30min. During this time you will have the opportunity to share with students your career field, demo something cool, and if you have something tactile we learn best by seeing, touching, and discovering.

Thank you in advance for supporting our RMS students.


Date: 02/15/2019 (Fri.)


Time: 8:00am - 11:30am EST


Location: RMS 7th grade classrooms


Click here to sign up!