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Oberlin Run Club

Mission: Provide students with an opportunity to participate in both competitive & non competitive running activities.  Whether remote or in person, students will be able to engage in running activities, find comradery and encouragement in their fitness pursuits and compete (if desired) in running challenges.


Who should join?

Anyone in grades 6-8 who is interested in running, sports or other health related pursuits. There will be varying levels of commitment, whether the program is remote or in person. ALL students welcome! Whether you are interested in walking, jogging, running or competing this is the club for you!


Remind link:

Google Form Sign Up:


What to expect with regard to Plan B, Virtual Academy, etc?

During this uncertain time, ALL activities will be remote until WCPSS/NC goes into Plan A where all students can be on campus or on campus clubs are allowed in a version of Plan B. I plan on gauging interest and then deciding on how to support students in their running goals. I envision possible weekly coaching sessions both for competitive runners as well as those who are just getting started. Coaching sessions would be during the time of 2:15-3:00 (except Friday). I plan on judging interest before choosing a particular day.


Possible Oberlin Run Club Levels (depending on interest)

  • ORC Elite - a competitive run group getting weekly workouts,  competing against other middle schools in the area (virtually for now, hopefully on a course in the future). I envision competitions in the mile, 5k and possibly 800.
    • ORC FIF - traditional First in Fitness. Students will try out for the opportunity to compete against other middle schools in the WCPSS FIF event.
  • ORC Cross Country - a group of runners who love to run, have running goals and may or may not be working towards wanting to compete.
  • ORC Fun Runners - a group of runners and/or walkers who are walking/running to increase their fitness and to socialize.


The timeline to starting is dependent on interest. Please sign up using the links above. Email Mr. Miller ( if you have any questions or suggestions.